Can a baby be born with teeth?

While teething usually doesn't occur before the age of 4-6 months, an extremely rare event is making the buzz on social networks: the birth of a baby with teeth!

 Can a baby be born with teeth?

Babies are like chickens, most of them are born without teeth. Some are born bald, others with hair, but they all have one thing in common: they usually start their teeth at the time of birth. teething , around 4-6 months. In rare cases, it may happen that some newborns are born with teeth. This is particularly the case of an American mother, originally from Kansas City, who shared a video of her baby born with two teeth on the bottom gum.

Baby born with teeth goes viral on Tik Tok

'When your baby is born with teeth and the whole hospital staff is in disbelief because they've never seen this before “commented in the caption of this viral video the mother, who specifies that the birth of a baby with teeth only happens once in 2000 cases. The video, which generated more than 50,000 shares, did not fail to react to Internet users who see 'adult teeth' in it. However, it is recommended to have these 'native teeth' which often remain poorly rooted removed in the gum, so as to avoid any risk for the child to swallow them.

Other cases of natal teeth made the news

In 2018, in the United Kingdom, a baby girl named Isla-rose Heasman was also born with a tooth. His first visit to the dentist was on his 12th day! 'It had to be removed because the tooth was wobbly' testified his mother Jasmin to the BBC. In 2019, a baby was also born on August 21 with two teeth. The girl was born at the Anne d'Artois clinic in Béthune, in Pas-de-Calais.