Camille Lou returns to her natural hair color and she will amaze you!

At the start of the year, Camille Lou decided to change her mind and post the result on Instagram. A successful hair transformation.

 Camille Lou returns to her natural hair color and she will amaze you!

His travels, his filming, his family moments or his love life… Camille Lou shares a lot with his subscribers. Recently, she surprised them by revealing the result of her hair makeover. She opted for a new trendy color that we gladly adopt for the season: caramel brown .

Camille Lou's winter coloring

While golden blonde has been her real signature for some time now, the actress has chosen a hair color that's quite different from usual. She returns to her natural hair color which is brown. 'Back to real me!' writes Camille Lou in Instagram caption. A change that did not fail to react to his followers who 100% validate this new style. ' So pretty with this color ', ' Way better in brunette ' or ' I prefer brunette ' can we read in the comments. In addition to the color, it now sports slightly longer hair than the square she wore lately. Although unrecognizable, this change of head suits him very well.

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The hot colors at the top of the trends 2023

Professional hairdressers predicted it: brown looks better shimmering and greedy This year. Softer than chocolate hair color, caramel brown is the perfect alternative for those who want to bring light to the hair. It is distinguished by warm reflections which are equally suitable for brunes than blondes, short hair than long hair, etc. The advantage of this type of color is that it adapts to our desires. We can bring deeper shades or on the contrary soften the coloring.