Camille Lacourt and Alice Detollenaere: PHOTOS of their New Year's Eve 'watered with vomit' (and absence of Jazz)... the couple tells

Ex-swimmer Camille Lacourt and his darling Alice Detollenaere celebrated a New Year's Eve like no other! The lovebirds, parents of a toddler named Marius, spent an 'evening watered with vomit'. They tell in pictures...

  Camille Lacourt and Alice Detollenaere: PHOTOS from their New Year

For many, the Novel An does not rhyme with 'rhinestones' and 'crazy evening'. This year, that wasn't the case either. Camille Lacourt and her companion Alice Detollenaere , who celebrated their New Year's Eve in a small group, with their ' beloved granny ' and their son Marius, now one and a half years old . On Instagram, the lovebirds recounted their New Year's evening both calm and eventful!

Camille Lacourt and Alice Detollenaere: evening 'watered with vomit'

' We wish you a happy new year! With us at 31, no glitter clothes but a good meal with our beloved granny ', first began by telling the lovers, in the caption of several adorable shots of this evening. They then revealed that their toddler had made them see all the colors! ' It was not an evening washed down with champagne either, but rather with vomit since our Marius is working hard on his immunity. “, they dropped. But not enough to spoil the festive spirit of the couple.

' You know what ? It was definitely our best eve . The feeling of being in the right place. All we needed was Jazz (daughter of Camille Lacourt, born of his former love with the ex-Miss France Valérie Bègue and aged 10, editor's note) even if she is the happiest with her mom in Reunion for the holidays, we are happy for them ', lit.

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Camille Lacourt: 'the mess' before meeting Alice Dotellenaere

Alice Detollenaere and Camille Lacourt have been spinning perfect love for several years now. Just before they met, it was a mess “in the life of the former swimmer, he had assured Gala . ' I was bad with myself. One week out of two, I chained the evenings, and the other, I was only dad . I felt unbalanced, fallow, I really didn't know what I was going to do with my life. Alice was able to see me beyond appearances, she was able to guess who I was behind all this and led me to rediscover myself “, he remembered.

As for Alice Detollenaere, Miss Bourgogne 2010, she was diagnosed with a cancer be you which she successfully fought some time ago. The former swimmer accompanied her, at all costs, in the disease. Camille Lacourt confided in this event to MagicMaman :' The first thought that crossed my mind was, 'If I'm ready to love it bald, then I'll be able to absorb all the previous stages. I managed quite quickly to be in agreement with myself (...) She knows today that I am solid and by her side, that I can be an adult despite my childish side. This ordeal has brought a lot of serenity between us. '.