Camille Gottlieb, at ease with her 10 tattoos and her dazzling weight loss

How she lost 28 kilos, what her mother Stéphanie of Monaco thinks of her 10 tattoos, Camille Gottlieb opens up.

 Camille Gottlieb, at the'aise avec ses 10 tatouages et sa perte de poids fulgurante

Camille Gottlieb on the cover of the magazine's new issue Hello Monaco , on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of its association 'Be Safe' fighting against drunken driving. In a long interview, the youngest daughter of Stephanie of Monaco speaks in particular of beauty, addressing the topics of diet and tattoos.

Camille Gottlieb's tattoos

The love of tattoos is a shared passion between Camille Gottlieb and her mother. Whereas Stephanie of Monaco has dolphins, a dragon or even a sun inked, which she is proud to show, her youngest daughter prefers to bet on small tattoos . The 24 year old star confessed to having 'ten tattoos' running through his body, including a ' beautiful lion cub ' on his forearm. ' I also have Leonie's paw [his dog, Editor's note] tattooed on my hand and his name on my arm', she revealed. Whereas Hello Monaco asks him if his mother makes fun of his tattoos, Camille Gottlieb retorted: 'What do you want her to say? She's got more than me! And it's my body!'

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The regime of Camille Gottlieb

Apart from the tattoos, Camille Gottlieb also talked about her dramatic weight loss in the magazine Hello Monaco . La fille de Stéphanie de Monaco et de son de ella garde du corps de ella Jean Raymond Gottlieb I lost 28 kilos ! It was after a questioning that occurred during confinement that the half-sister of Pauline and Louis Ducruet decided to lose weight. 'I was going through life without asking myself any questions. I was actually experiencing an inner conflict, and I was not happy with the person I was. I decided to take my life back into my own hands. In a few months, I lost 28 kilos without necessarily stopping eating, because everything happens in the head ', she said. This new silhouette succeeds in Camille Gottlieb who seems fulfilled, admitting that she is no longer single.