Camille Chamoux (Les Randonneuses): Couple, children, origins… Do you really know the actress?

Camille Chamoux stars in TF1's new hit mini-series, 'Les Randonneuses'. And if his mythical character of Chataléré ('La Flamme') no longer has any secrets for you, do you know his interpreter just as much? We take stock.

  Camille Chamoux (Les Randonneuses): Couple, children, origins… Do you really know the'actrice ?

Since May 15, Camille Chamoux is back on the small screen. Featured in TF1's latest mini series, created by Fanny Riedberger (also behind Toulouse-Lautrec high school ), The Hikers , she plays Patty, one of the six heroines of this new fiction.

Alongside 45-year-old actress Alix Poisson, Clementine Celarie , Joséphine de Meaux, Claire Borotra and Tiphaine Daviot, who also all play women undergoing chemotherapy. Six friends who decide to climb the Dôme de la Lauze, a summit of nearly 4,000 meters, to honor the memory of Eve, another of their friends, who died of cancer.

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And if this short program is already a great success - with 4.27 million viewers on average for the first episodes according to Médiamétrie -, Camille Chamoux does not intend to stop there. She will also be back in cinemas with Ilan Klipper's feature film, The peace process , starting June 7th.

How did Camille Chamoux get her start?

It was at the theater that it all began for Camille Chamoux. The now mythical Chataléré, emblematic character of The flame , has notably collaborated with the director Régis Santon on several occasions. Then, very quickly, she wrote his first one woman show, Camille attacks , which finally saw the light of day in 2006. Spotted in stride by Canal + , she then joined the team of The Special Edition alongside Bruce Toussaint, before making a small appearance in the hit series (and that's an understatement) Clem on TF1.

Michael Drucker then called on her for his show Bring in the guest , which aired on Europe 1 between 2012 and 2013, and that's when she started writing his second show, Born under Giscard , which was also a resounding success.

Who does Camille Chamoux share her life with?

Who said love and work don't mix? Certainly not Camille Chamoux and Patrick Cassir anyway! And for good reason, if these two have already collaborated on several occasions, they are also partners in life, although they are not married. Ensemble, they notably co-directed First Holidays , a film in which Camille Chamoux plays the main role alongside Jonathan Cohen (whom she recently reunited with in The Flame ).

'Patrick and I are together in life. And we went on vacation together very quickly when we met. We argued a lot and we ended up laughing a lot' , had also explained the actress about the birth of this feature film to our colleagues at RTL in 2018.

Moreover, their meeting could also have been the subject of a film. And for good reason, she was to say the least… funny! And to Camille Chamoux to tell Daphne Bürki on her show I love you etc. : ' We met, not by an application, but by a somewhat funny method, at a dinner party with strangers (…) It's a group of girlfriends, very good friends of mine and we all decided to bring along someone that no one knew. And in fact it's super funny, to expand your knowledge. Except that I didn't know who to bring that nobody knew and I ended up calling two friends who told me about Patrick Cassir. He was the person I took, he was my stranger ' .

And Camille Chamoux and Patrick Cassir didn't just make films together. They also have two children : Constantin, born in May 2015 at the Clinique des Bleuets in Paris, and Apollonia, who joined the small family in October 2018. Very discreet about her private life and on social networks, Camille Chamoux rarely reveals herself, for do not say never, in the intimacy. Not even in Instagram stories!

Where does Camille Chamoux live?

Camille Chamoux is a pure Parisian. She grew up in Paris, more precisely in the VIIIth arrondissement , and completed his entire school career there, from primary to higher education. Still, the actress and her small family live in the capital. The latest news, Camille Chamoux, Patrick Cassir and their two children would have put down their suitcases in the 11th arrondissement of the capital where the mother of the family has long played her second show.