Bulle Ogier is 83 years old: Love, Death of her daughter, Rape, Real name...

Bulle Ogier turns 83! Her real name, her childhood in a torn family, the rapes she suffered, her love affairs, the death of her daughter... What you (perhaps) didn't know about Bulle Ogier...

  Bulle Ogier is 83 years old: Love, Death of her daughter, Rape, Real name...

Bulle Ogier celebrates its 83rd birthday August 9. Growing up, the actress was far from imagining that one day she would burst the screen and invest the theater stages. However, today, her talent is hardly to be proven and the actress nominated several times for the César can boast of having worked with Jacques Audiard, Marc O', André Téchiné, or even Claude Lelouch . Her childhood in a torn family, her loves, the death of her daughter, the rapes she suffered... What you (perhaps) did not know about Bubble Ogier ...

- Marie-France Thielland , real name of Bubble Ogier , was born on August 9, 1939 in Boulogne-Billancourt.

- His nickname Bulle comes from his uncle. When his mother was pregnant with her , he constantly asked him: '' How's your bubble?' So much so that my mother and after her all my friends have always called me that' , she had told in her book I Forgot.

- His parents separate a few months after his birth... and the family is unfortunately torn apart. While she was raised by her mother Marie-Louise Ogier, a painter, her older brother grew up with her lawyer father, and her sister with her paternal grandmother.

- Growing up, Bulle Ogier imagines journalist , in order to ' see people and something other than everyday life “, she entrusted to the microphone of France Culture .

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- At 18, she gets pregnant and gives birth to a baby girl named Pascale (who will become the actress Pascale Ogier). The father of the child, the writer Gilles Nicolas , who is initially only a holiday love, becomes her husband, but they divorce only two years later.

- In the early 1960s, she met Marc'O, who offers him to follow his theater lessons. ' I went there really reluctantly, I went on stage by force because Marc'O said to me 'But what does it matter to you to cross the stage? Cross over, you'll see! At least you will learn to walk! '', she entrusted to the microphone of France Culture .

- Finally, the medium pleases her, yet she hardly dreams of irradiating the screen. ' I didn't see myself as a movie actress at all. , I didn't think the film could register me or the camera could take something from me. With no frustration or sadness, it just never occurred to me “, she added.

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- As for his father , he does not approve of his new career in comedy. ' He didn't like, at least not the theater I practiced with Marc'O, a friend of André Breton, who thought that music was part of the game, who had an anarchic vision of creation, incredibly stimulating and rigorous. My father has writes a letter so that I don't bear his name . But I didn't care. I was very close to my mother “, she told the Time .

- In 1967, she acted in the film The Idols by Marc'O , and gradually began to integrate into the world of cinema, in particular thanks to his appearance in the salamander by Alain Tanner in 1971.

- In 1984, Bulle Ogier was struck by a terrible tragedy: the death of his daughter Pascale , The young actress died on the eve of her 26th birthday, as a result of myocardial ischemia degenerated into general hypoxia. ' I forgot that I had a very fun and happy life until Pascale passed away “, she had told in her book.

- In 2000, she was nominated for the César Award for Best Supporting Actress with Venus Beauty (Institut). In 2011, she received the Molière for actress in a supporting role for her performance in Autumn Dream by Jon Fosse.

- She is the wife of the director Barbet Schroeder .

- In his book I forgot , she recounts having suffered two rapes . The first time she was raped by a doctor who was to perform an abortion, illegal at the time: ' I lay down, I spread my legs, and the clandestine doctor raped me without warning me, then aborted as agreed, I had paid for it in advance'. The second time, the atrocity happened after a theater performance, Bulle Ogier having been raped by a crooked police commissioner.

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