Brigitte Macron has found the perfect outfit for the start of the school year

Brigitte Macron, a role model? The French first lady inspires fashionistas with her latest look, ideal for returning to the office.

  Brigitte Macron has found the perfect outfit for the start of the school year

No vacation for Brigitte Macron . The first French lady continues to dispense her lessons in chic at the slightest of her appearances. Evidenced by his latest look in Bormes-les-Mimosas, in the Var, the Friday, August 19, 2022 . To attend the 78 th commemoration of the landing of the Allies in Provence, the first lady had opted for an outfit that should inspire more than one in September .

Brigitte Macron in Bormes-les-Mimosas on August 19, 2022

Instead of her traditional dark blazers (gray, black and navy blue are among her favorite shades at the Elysée), Brigitte Macron had set her sights on a short double-breasted white jacket signed Louis Vuitton , already worn during Emmanuel Macron's investiture ceremony on May 7, 2022. To accompany this outfit, the first lady had chosen an immaculate blouse with the first buttons left open, dark blue slim jeans, a black quilted pocket square and rounded sunglasses. An elegant look to imitate for back to the office .

How did Brigitte Macron dress when she was young?

If we can easily find photos of Brigitte Macron since she lives in the presidential palace, there are far fewer of the period when she was madame Trogneux , young french teacher . At the time, she was still anonymous, cultivating a very classic, even BCBG style with her hair done in a ponytail. Blazers, suits, shirts and scarves made up her wardrobe. Later, she wears jeans, jackets and sneakers which always make her approachable.

For her marriage to the future president in 2007, it was in a short straight dress associated with an immaculate jacket that she said 'yes' to the one with whom she was 24 years apart.

Brigitte Macron at the inauguration ceremony of Emmanuel Macron in 2022

How does Brigitte Macron dress when she goes to an official event?

During the Bercy meeting in April 2017, she appeared for the first time in a more formal outfit, as the presidential campaign required. She is then dressed in a white tuxedo style trouser suit whose jacket she wears a few days later in a gray version. It was in August 2015 that she refined the 'Brigitte Style' that we know, following his meeting with Delphine Arnault , deputy general manager of Louis Vuitton. This one blows him some dress advice for his public appearances. Great French houses and designers such as Balmain or even Louis Vuitton, his wardrobe is more sophisticated. We see her regularly in a straight dress, often in a suit jacket and trousers or an officer's jacket, and always in pumps. For her husband's two investitures, she always wears a straight dress (lavender blue in 2017, white in 2022) associated with a short jacket with buttons signed Louis Vuitton.

Brigitte Macron in basketball No Name au Touquet in April 2022

What do her favorite casual looks look like?

Judging by the street style photos, in her everyday life or during walks in Le Touquet, she is particularly fond of jeans sick associated with sneakers with thick soles signed No Name and a suit jacket or sailor top. Sometimes she dares to wear leather pants close to the body or wears one of her usual straight dresses. A very up-to-date wardrobe, reflecting its image as active woman following trends.

What are Brigitte Macron's favorite brands?

French first lady, Brigitte Macron supports the hexagonal creation . Her favorite designers? Nicolas Ghesquiere , artistic director of Louis Vuitton , or Olivier Rousteing, at the head of Balmain when she's not falling for an outfit Barbara Bui .

How to copy the looks of Brigitte Macron?

Dressing like the first lady couldn't be simpler: slip on some skinny jeans, wear wedge sneakers, pair that with a shoulder pad blazer, and accessorize it all with a pair of smoky sunglasses. For a less casual look, take out the pumps and a dress style Brigitte Macron - always straight - matched with a suit jacket. In winter, opt for a long coat with officer buttons. You are ready !