Brigitte Fontaine, 82, 'very sick': Couple with 'Boccaccio', Incurable Evil, Dramas and 'Candied Fruits'

Brigitte Fontaine, who thought she was too sick to do the show at the Printemps de Bourges on April 20, finally performed the show! What do you know of the crazy singer? Areski Belkacem: the man of her life, Morlaix, censorship, the stronger sex, pissotières, but also Rape, IVG, Death in the Face... His secrets.

  Brigitte Fontaine, 82,"très malade" : Couple avec "Boccace", Mal incurable, Drames et "Fruits confits"

Brigitte Fontaine did not think of being able to ensure the show at Spring of Bourges , where she had planned to bow out on April 20. A few days before the big night, the 82-year-old singer confided: 'If this apartment is in this state it's because I'm very sick' , by opening the door of his home to our colleagues from Sunday newspaper . Because of a vertebral fracture occurred eight years earlier, she told them to suffer' excruciatingly '.' So far the pain did not prevent playing, only now it's too much. So I don't know if I will go to Bourges , it will be a surprise... Suspense ', she had explained.

Finally, the interpreter of It's normal appeared well on stage in the Gabriel-Monnet room, on April 20, as planned, indicates the Berry Republican . The octogenarian artist has therefore not quite said his last word! But do you really know the queen of Kékés? Anecdotes about the one who described herself (at the microphone of France Culture ) as ' most lamentable and formidable of females '.

Brigitte Fontaine, pure Breton

Brigitte Fontaine was born on June 24, 1939 in Morlaix, Finistère. 'This town is fantastic for kids, with its orchards, gardens and ravines. I also found the viaduct (...) I love Morlaix. It's the only place in the world where I feel safe ' , she told the Telegram .

Brigitte Fontaine was brought up by parent teachers , who play amateur theater . ' I played on stage with them, at 8 years old, then at 12 years old. At the time, I already knew that I would write one day and that I would do theater “, she explained to Telerama . At 17, she decided to go to Paris to pursue a career in comedy and played several plays at the Théâtre de la Huchette, in the 5th arrondissement of the capital.

It was in 1963 that she finally realized her dream of becoming a singer... for ' calm jealousy 'of son' lover of the time '.' I bowed to his wrath towards the male theater partners . So, sneakily I started to write songs “, she clarified to Telerama . She performs her own pieces in several Parisian halls and, the following year, is in the first part of concerts of Georges Brassens .

Brigitte Fontaine: her 'passion' with Areski Belkacem

Jacques Higelin (who is his friend and not his brother as some rumors seemed to indicate) introduces him to the composer, musician and chanteur Areski Belkacem , who first helped him put on his shows... then, after a few years of collaboration, he became his great love . ' The first two or three years that I worked with him and Higelin, nothing happened, we were just friends, he was even the last of the guys I would have gone with... And suddenly, it goes up, it heats up, it heats up, and it's passion “, she indicated to Telerama . They remain engaged for seven years before getting married.

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Both form a couple that works , on stage and in life. ' We have the same tastes for everything “, confided Brigitte Fontaine to Release . ' This is Boccaccio (Areski Belkacem's nickname, editor's note) who do everything at home, poor thing, I can't ' , she added about their life together.

Ali, 'like his son'

If Brigitte Fontaine did not have a biological child with her man, she has raised Ali , born from a previous relationship of the composer, as if he were his own son. Now this is musician and even composed the title music for Brigitte Fontaine and Archie Shepp, NRV .

Brigitte Fontaine, 'raped' by the doctor who aborted her

In Paris, in her early years, Brigitte Fontaine close to death several times . ' I got pregnant several times. I have suffered abortions in such lamentable conditions that I have almost died of sepsis “, she explained to Telerama .

For the last clandestine abortion she undergoes, the ' work is impeccable “, but she is faced with horror.” The doctor gave me raped . Atrocious. For at least two months, I lost sleep . As soon as I fell asleep, an electric shock ran through my body and woke me up. The abortion had been illegal, I couldn't complain “, remembered the one who signed the Manifesto of 343 for the right to abortion in 1971.

Between 1975 and 1977, Brigitte Fontaine was banned from television . 'I had pronounced in a self-interview a few sentences which were not really in conformity with the ideas of the regime in place (under Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, editor's note', she explained in the book Brigitte Fontaine , by Benoît Mouchart. And her husband added: ' It was a sick thing, that time: we underwent a amazing censorship ! '.

Brigitte Fontaine: her incurable disease

Brigitte Fontaine told Telerama that she had a ' severe nervous and mental illness '. And to explain: ' No one can heal me. So I need lots and lots of comfort. To be surrounded by friends and love. Friendship is very important to me '.

Committed artist and feminist , she said about her fight, at France Culture : ' If I am uprising against men ? Up down, up down, that's all I do. Down with the stronger sex, to death, to death, to death! I've always been like that - except with my father, but there is also in the album 'Les beaux Animaux' which praises men, because I am a paradoxical person; it's an ode to the wonderful animals that are hyper sex men in the streets, cafes, pissotières, everywhere '.

Brigitte Fontaine, facing death

The 82-year-old singer does not hide his fear of old age . ' She closer to death, disease , of a certain physical decay... But, recently, I said to myself: after all, the passing of time is also storing things that can be rich and beautiful. Have seen, heard, lived “, she confided to Telerama.

When it comes to evoking her age, Brigitte Fontaine kicks in touch. ' I'm 20,000 years old and (quoting Baudelaire), I am of all times and all universes “, she assured the Telegram .

During the confinement , Brigitte Fontaine did not lack inspiration. The singer wrote a song about 'candied fruit' and told the microphone of France Culture : ' Since I tell you that this confinement does not change my life. I am like a twisted odalisque, a crippled odalisque almost. I'm twisted like a worm on the bed '.