Bois-Colombes: Kamel (38), accused of assaulting a 90-year-old woman, denies ... CCTV footage at the heart of the trial

A 38-year-old man was heard on Tuesday, November 22, 2022 by the Versailles Court of Appeal (Yvelines), for having organized the assault and theft of a nonagenarian last July in Bois-Colombes, in Hauts-de-France. -Seine. The suspect denies the facts, despite the evidence collected against him, reports 'Le Parisien'.

  Bois-Colombes: Kamel (38), accused of'agression sur une femme de 90 ans, nie... des images de vidéosurveillance au coeur du procès

For his lawyer, Kamel is unfairly jailed for five months . This father was arrested and then imprisoned last July . He is accused of having participated in the assault of a nonagenarian, with the aim of robbing her, in Bois-Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine), says The Parisian . From his box at the Versailles Court of Appeal, in the Yvelines, this 38-year-old Algerian once again, on Tuesday, denied any involvement in these facts that the Advocate General judges, relates the daily, ' particularly shocking '.

A kick in the hip from the old lady

These date back to July 22, 2022, when the 90-year-old victim went to the Bois-Colombes market with his walker. Back in front of his building, a stranger offers to help him by holding the door for him. Once in the lobby, the man kicks her in the hip . The old lady falls and her attacker takes the opportunity to steal two gold bracelets set with precious stones , before disappearing. The victim is taken to the American hospital in Neuilly-sur-Seine where the doctors grant him six days of total incapacity for work . Traumatized, she will not be able to formally identify his attacker .

Evidence, but a suspect who still denies

Through a neighborhood survey and CCTV footage of the town however, the investigators realize that the old lady was followed throughout its journey by a Renault Scénic . The owner, arrested shortly after, is already known to the police for acts of domestic violence, indicates The Parisian . Damning facts for Kamel: he wears the same bracelets as the driver of the suspect car and his phone bounded the morning of the facts in Colombes , neighboring town of Bois-Colombes, then in Cergy (Val-d'Oise), not far from Ermont where he lives.

' Since I have been in France, I have never committed an offense in the street. I work in construction, I'm a serious person “, he argues during his hearings, according to The Parisian . His claims to have lent his car to his cousin that morning , who lives in Brussels, Belgium.