Body scrub: the right gestures to exfoliate your skin

The body scrub cleanses the skin in depth and prepares it to better receive the active ingredients of the creams and oils applied afterwards. What is it used for ? When and how to apply it? The answers are here.

 Body scrub: the right gestures to exfoliate your skin

To deeply cleanse the skin and renew the layers of the epidermis, the body scrub is an essential beauty step. Once a week, it helps you keep your skin beautiful and soft.

Why do a body scrub?

Exfoliation helps to remove dead cells which have accumulated on the surface of the skin. By eliminating them, the skin becomes soft, silky, brighter and above all it is then more receptive to the care that we can apply afterwards: slimming care, moisturizers, dry oil... will be more effective because there will be no more barrier and the active ingredients will penetrate better. the body scrub also stimulates the deep layers of the epidermis, which helps skin regeneration.

What are the different types of body scrubs?

There are two types of scrubs that you will choose depending on your skin type and the areas of the body you want to apply it on (arms, legs, belly or rougher areas like feet, elbows):

  • The gentle scrubs , with or without grains, are recommended for sensitive and fragile skin. They dissolve in a few minutes the dead cells and the impurities on the surface of the skin. They are mostly composed fruit enzymes like papaya.
  • The scrubs with grains act by friction to loosen the dead cells on the surface and eliminate them. They are composed of grains, powders of finely pulverized kernels (eg apricot kernels) or gums, sometimes pumice. They can be used on all skin types.

How often should the body scrub be renewed?

Ideally, in order to keep skin soft and supple and above all to keep skin radiantly beautiful, we recommend a body scrub once or twice a week . It must be applied in circular movements gentle (do not rub too much which attacks the skin), from bottom to top, insisting on the roughest areas. Then rinse it carefully with clean water and finish with a little fresh water to activate blood circulation.