Bocuse d'Or: Denmark win the 2023 edition

After two days of fierce competition, Denmark have won the 2023 edition of the Bocuse d'Or. Discover the winners of the other awards.

  Bocuse d'Or : le Danemark remporte l'édition 2023

It is the end of a long work of almost two years. After winning the national selections and then qualifying for the continental events, the Denmark wins Bocuse d'Or 2023. The Norway wins the Bocuse d'Argent while the Hungary completes the podium. Leon Haarberg NIlsen of the Norway team was presented with the best clerk award . Other prizes awarded during the evening: that of the best monkfish platter for the Sweden a you best 'feed the kids' menu for France conducted by Naïs Pirollet, the only woman in competition and the youngest candidate for this 2023 edition. Finally, Mexico received the prize for social commitment.

Where does the Bocuse d'Or take place?

Each edition of the culinary competition takes place in Lyon. The event is held at Eurexpo, during the International Restaurant, Hotel and Food Show (Sirha). This has been the case since the creation of the competition. To attend the event, go to online ticketing from the living room.

Who participates in the Bocuse d'Or?

This year, 24 pays were in competition, represented by a chef assisted by a clerk and a coach. This year, France was highlighted with the chef Naïs Pirollet , originally from Briançon. Graduate of the Bocuse Institute in 2017, she finished top of her class. She is already part of the Team France since 2020 alongside Davy Tissot, the last winner of the Bocuse d'Or in September 2021 in Lyon. The young woman took over the team by winning the national selections , then qualifying during the Bocuse d'Or Europe in Budapest in March 2022. Team France news is available on the official facebook account of the team.

Who made up the Bocuse d'Or jury?

The 'kitchen jury' consisted of 12 international chefs placed in pairs. They had to check that each team respect the rules of the contest , ensure that candidates handled the pressure well and remained professional in all circumstances. Among this jury, we found Amandine Chaignot , Jérémy Galvan or even Stephanie Le Quellec . The tasting jury was made up of 24 international chefs, half of whom evaluated the platter test, while the other half voted for the 'feed the kids' menu.

Who created the Bocuse d'Or?

As his name suggests, he is the French chef Paul Bocuse who imagined this competition. In 1987, he had the idea for this global event at a trade fair Head organized at Lyon , formerly 'Food Trade Fair'. He wanted something that ' break the codes of the moment ', can we read on the site official.