Blanche Gardin at 45: Drugs, 'Ass', Upset Maternity and Controversial Loves

With two Molière of humor to her credit, the delicious and provocative Blanche Gardin has become a 'comic' reference. The actress turns 45 on April 3. Her complicated past, her relationship with Louis C.K., her desire for children and other secrets.

  Blanche Gardin is 45 years old: Drugs,"Cul", Maternité contrariée et Amours controversées

Became famous for her stints in the Jamel Comedy Club from 2006 then for his role in the series Working Girls in 2012, Blanche Gardin won the Molière for humor for her stand-up shows in 2018 and 2019. Since the end of 2021, she has triumphed with her series, The best version of myself , broadcast on Canal + and offers viewers a funny and moving mirror of our time. But before becoming a popular personality, Louis C.K.'s companion has experienced very eventful passages of life... Secrets and unusual journey of the comedian who turns 45 this Sunday, April 3, 2022.

A tormented adolescence

The actress revealed that she ran away for a long time when she was 18. ' I went to Naples on acid and slept with dog punks for 9 months.' she revealed. A necessary start for the future comedian...' By staying close to my family, I wouldn't have been able to be totally free. I needed a big break' , explained Blanche Gardin to Telerama .

After a year of excess in Italy, far from her family, Blanche Gardin was able to count on the support of her dad before a tragic outcome. 'My father came to pick me up. At the right time: six months later my neapolitan heroin addicted guy was dying of a overdose . It was the good big chaos this period', told the actress.

Blanche searches for herself, finds herself studying sociology, then in the shoes of a policewoman and then an educator in the Parisian suburbs. The death of her father, a linguistics professor, from cancer devastates the point that she is confined in a psychiatric hospital .

She comes out of the water thanks to her ex-husband Nicolas Deconinck, a painter who she lives with passion from 2004 to 2009.

Not being able to become a mother, so what?

The board star also said she couldn't have children. In the columns of Telerama , she confided that she was ' convinced that it was normal to be a mother', more than nature had given him ''a gross stop'.

Blanche Gardin did not wish to resort to medicine and the progress of science. ' The reflection was difficult, but I decided not to give in to this unhealthy notion that our desires must necessarily be solved, if necessary by technique'. she claimed, explaining wanting resist the 'victimology'.

His controversial couple

The one who won a DEA in Sociology before ensuring the security of Laurent Fabius' home (ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs), now shares his life with another American humorist. In a relationship with Louis C.K., 52, since 2018 , Blanche Gardin evoked her love story in the pages of Telerama .

She first detailed their rather romantic meeting: “I went to New York to meet him, but without success. Cease , when I wore a pin bearing his likeness, we still didn't know each other. Then I thanked him for his inspiration at the Molières ceremony . He wrote to me, and after a few emails exchanged, he came to dine with me in Paris... '.

What if the showman was accused of sexual exhibitions (he would have masturbated several times in the presence of young women) in the United States in 2017, nothing prevents the two characters with hilarious humor from loving each other. ' Louis C.K. has been speaking out for thirty-five years about his objectionable sexuality. Furthermore, I consider that one of the definitions of feminism is the freedom of women to dispose of their ass ' , dropped Blanche Gardin about the charges against her companion. That is what is said...