Black wedding dress: the series-inspired trend?

Increasingly in demand, black wedding dresses seduce young women in search of non-conformism, but also fans of series like Wednesday (the Addams family). How to avoid bad taste and where to find a black wedding dress? Our advices.

  Black Wedding Dress: The TV-Inspired Trend?

The Serie Wednesday signed by Tim Burton has been a real hit since its release last November. Wednesday Addams' character (played by Jenna Ortega) reluctantly follows a chaotic schooling at Nevermore Academy. It's currently the most-watched Netflix series in over 85 countries, and it's being emulated. Inspired by its tormented main character whose dance has been viewed over 3 million times on You Tube, tiktoker Lillie Dawson has released a video dedicated to vampires in which she wears the black wedding dresses in which characters as dark as Wednesday could slip like Hope Andrea Mikaelson, the main character of Legacies, Jane Volturi's Twilight , Buffie Summer from the eponymous series or even Sookie Stackahouse from T rue Blood.  And it is clear that black is the non-color common to all these heroines who flee white like the plague and who affirm loud and clear their taste for the opposite! A trend that is asserting itself more and more in the wardrobes of future brides.

The black wedding dress, a new trend for stars and designers?

Far from being reserved for young gothic, rock or Metal music fans, black wedding dresses seduced personalities like Marilyn Monroe who banned white when she married Joe DiMaggio in 1954, but also more recently Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristen Bell et Chloë Sevigny. Black has also inspired designers in recent years such as Vera Wang, Pronovias, Galia Lahav or encore Zuhair Murad who imagined black dresses, sometimes close-fitting and with plunging or V-shaped necklines. Sometimes having tulle skirts, these black dresses were also often highlighted with stones or lace.

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Where to find a black wedding dress for her wedding?

You want to break the codes with a black wedding dress? The advantage of this color is that it highlights the silhouette, so you can allow yourself different cuts and different styles. Mermaid wedding dress, princess dress or simple dress: everything is possible with this color! Only pitfall: brands that offer black wedding dresses are still rare. However, you can find your happiness among the evening dresses that easily turn into wedding dresses.

  Atol Pronovias
Robe Atol
Dress with a V-neck and lace
Sequined tulle dress

Do you dream of getting married in black but are afraid of making mistakes? Know that this non-color is very demanding and does not tolerate approximation. If you are not yet ready to take the plunge, you can settle for touches of black on your dress or black gloves, for example. But if you dream of total look noir, don't be afraid and assume it completely with your future husband, whose suit should ideally also be dark!