Biocalyptol syrup coming off the market soon?

Biocalyptol cough syrup based on pholcodine could soon be withdrawn from sale in France because of a risk of serious allergy to muscle relaxants.

 Biocalyptol syrup coming off the market soon?

[Updated September 5, 2022 at 6:07 p.m.] Pholcodine-based cough syrups such as Biocalyptol are in the hot seat. A new study reveals that it could increase the risk of have a severe allergy to muscle relaxants , used during anesthesia during operations and even if the anesthesia takes place several weeks after taking the drug, alerts the Medicines Agency ( ANSM ) in a Sept. 1 statement. Curare is a derivative of plants from the Amazon rainforest that helps get a paralysis . The product is used exclusively in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care.

' Given the non-essential nature of these syrups and the existence of therapeutic alternatives, we believe that the risk-benefit ratio of these drugs is unfavorable ' indicates the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products. The Agency plans to suspend marketing authorizations in France pholcodine-based cough syrups and to perform a reminder early september . The drugs concerned are:

  • Dimetane sans sucre 133 mg/100 ml, sirop (Biocodex)
  • Biocalyptol 6.55mg/5ml sugar free syrup sweetened with sodium saccharin and liquid maltitol (Zambon)
  • Biocalyptol , sirop (Zambon)
  • Pholcodine Biogaran 6.55 mg/5 ml, syrup (Biogaran)

What should I do with my pholcodine cough syrups?

If using a pholcodine cough medicine:

If you have to undergo a General anaesthesia , tell your anesthesiologist.

► If you are not required to undergo a general anaesthetic, there is no particular monitoring recommended at the present time.

Pholcodine-based syrups are used to calm the cough dry and irritating coughs in adults and children over 30 months and over 15 kg. Since 2011, these drugs are only available in France on prescription. Source: Risk of serious allergy to care in case of use of cough syrups containing pholcodine, ANSM, 1/09/22