Bigdil, an 'impressive' and 'frightening' incident kept secret: the one who played Bill throws everything

Cult games of the 2000s broadcast on TF1, the Bigdil marked an entire generation. Hosted by Vincent Lagaf, the show relied on a key character: Bill the Extraterrestrial, then played by Gilles Vautier. 18 years after the end of the program, the one who put on the costume of the 3D man every night makes an astonishing revelation...

  Bigdil, an incident"impressionnant" et "effrayant" tenu secret : celui qui incarnait Bill balance tout

On February 2, 1998, viewers discovered the Bigdil , the star game of TF1 presented by Vincent Lagaf, surrounded by a team of happy fellows. Among his accomplices, Bill the extraterrestrial, an explosive character with easy repartee. This virtual guy was actually played by Gilles Vautier, now 60 years old. In an interview for Telepro , Vincent Lagaf's ex-comrade made an astonishing revelation about an incident that occurred during the filming of the show.

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This 'frightening' incident kept secret

Since the end of the show on July 23, 2004, fans have not despaired of seeing it reappear one day on the small screen. If Cyril Hanouna had formulated the idea of ​​resuming the game on C8, the project never came to fruition. Asked by telepro, Gilles Vautier, the interpreter of the famous Bill, took the opportunity to evoke one of his worst memories of filming, kept secret until then. ' We were kept secret for a long time, but there was a fire at Bigdil one day ' , he began. Before continuing: ' It was quite impressive, there were flaming paper pineapples and the candidate had to put it out but he couldn't. and the fireman arrived he said 'I have everything under control', and nothing at all, the fire was starting to spread and I see everyone fleeing me I was harnessed (...) For 3, 4 minutes it was pretty scary and then we never talked about it because we didn't want it to be known. ', a he ended up confessing. An anecdote that gave rise to a burning question: the Bigdil will he come back?

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The Bigdil soon back on television?

It is quite possible that the emblematic game of TF1 will be reborn from its ashes. And for good reason : ' Hervé Hubert (the producer, Ed. ) bought out the rights to Bigdil. He told me about it and asked my opinion. Doing a Bigdil shot again would be very funny. It won't be everyday “, announced Gilles Vautier in the columns of Telepro , before mentioning the possibility of a bonus, without affirming anything either. ' Officially, I don't know anything. I just know that the producer bought the rights. If we resume this show, it would be a bonus format in my opinion “, concluded the former sidekick of Vincent Lagaf.