Bibie: What 'destroyed' her career... Confidences of the singer of 'Tout Doucement'

Bibie, who has moved us through the generations with her hit 'Tout Doucement', has disappeared from the radar. The singer confided in her “alcoholic” ex-husband, the “mental torture”, and the drama she experienced. What becomes of the talented artist?

  Bibie: what has"détruit" sa carrière... Confidences de la chanteuse de "Tout Doucement"

Remember, Bibie made the crowds sing with his hit Slowly (simply) , in the 80s. Since then, it's been radio silence. Why did the artist leave the stage? The singer didn't step out of the spotlight by choice, but in large part because of a husband.' alcoholic ', intrusive and jealous, who worked for Warner Music France. ' His alcoholism destroyed his career and practically mine too (...) I became more and more reserved as Guy (Gluck, they are ex-mari, ndlr) became aggressive. He was afraid of losing me. I was too scared to confide in anyone, but I was going through real mental torture. “, she told the Figaro , July 13, 2022.

Bibie, 'incapable of chanter pendant 10 ans'

' Ultimately, I decided to leave him in 1990. I had to preserve myself and protect my son . After that, everything went downhill “, added Bibie. Her mansion, bought in the Aisne, then burned down … no less than three times. In these fires, the singer lost many memories that she cherished: “ To following this drama, I was unable to sing for 10 years . I healed myself by healing others '.

Even today, his powerful voice echoes in our minds. But what becomes of the artist, who has been much more discreet in France for years? Beatrice Adjorkor Anyankor , his real name, was born in 1957 in Accra, Ghana . She is the daughter of a diplomat and travels a lot when she is young. Quickly, she fell in love with music and song. She forms his first group, Bombaya , and tried his luck in England, but was unsuccessful.

Bibie: her dazzling success

It was in Paris that she met the composer Jean-Paul Dreau , the origin of the song Sunburn performed by Richard Cocciante, who wrote to her Slowly (simply), in the 80s. The song quickly rose to the top of the Top 50. The title is even taken back by Dalida in Italian, renamed Simply so . ' Of French songs, I only knew Edith Piaf and Johnny Hallyday (...) I didn't think this song would be liked “, she assured the Figaro . An immediate glory that continues in particular with the release of its title I don't want to know .

In 1989, she performed the generic of the series, broadcast on the Five , Tenderness and Passion . Unfortunately, from the 90s, his songs no longer found success with the general public. Bibie, however, continued to release albums, then returned to live in Ghana in 1992. She returned after more than ten years of absence, with are album serene , in 2003.

What became Bibie?

In 2010, she sang for the RFM Party 80 tour, Love and Party, a show that reunited many 80s artists . Now, according to Tele-Leisure , the singer spends a good part of her time in her native country, Ghana, where she created the New Morning Arts Café , a center for coaching young musical talents.

She was also a member of the jury of the program shot in Nigeria, Project Fame West Africa , a telecrochet in which candidates compete, in the manner of the Star Academy , to be crowned best singer or singer. In March 2017, she participated in the Francophonie Festival, in Ghana.

Bibie also continues to participate in the tours of the stars of the 80s, in France. But she can't help feeling some regrets. ' I like this. But I feel like my career hasn't been what it could have been. Several African singers like Salif Keïta or Angélique Kidjo explained to me that I had opened doors for them. It's a consolation. But I dream of one day being able to present a show just for me “, she told the Figaro July 13, 2022.

Bibie, announced dead in TPMP

In 2019, the singer was announced dead (by mistake) on the show Do not touch My TV . While the columnist Matthieu Delormeau had assured that he was ' Bibie's friend ', Benjamin Castaldi had let go, without being quite sure: ' She is deceased '. Information that had shocked Matthieu Delormeau. And while the team of Cyril Hanouna wondering if Bibie had actually left this world, the columnist checked the information and exclaimed: ' She is not dead ! She's definitely not dead '. Indeed, Bibie who celebrated her 65th birthday last January, is very much alive and continues to live from her music...