Better than French toast, this man uses unsold bread to make flour

Emeric Bossis, founder of the Re-Bon company located in the Jura, decided to recycle unsold bread into flour to fight against food waste.

 Better than French toast, this man uses unsold bread to make flour

Giving bread a second life is the bet that Emeric Bossis took on when he created the Re-Bon company in 2021. Every week, the Re-Bon team collects the unsold bread in the bakery. Once collected, the loaves are crushed and processed into flour toasted bread.

A discarded baguette equals a tub of water in the trash

This initiative responds to a environmental issue fundamental : ' A 250g baguette represents 175g of CO2 , points to Emeric Bossis, but it's also 250 liters of water, the equivalent of a full bathtub that goes in the trash when you throw it away '. Figures that are all the more alarming when we know that 300,000 tons of bread are wasted per year in France, according to Ademe. In one year, Re-Bon has succeeded in save 6 tons of bread by working with 6 local bakeries. ' Currently, we save between 150 kg and 225 kg of bread per week, which corresponds to 600 to 900 baguettes saved ', explains Emeric Bossis. Before continuing: ' The objective is to recover 500 kilos of bread per week by the end of the year '.

Circular economy

This anti-waste idea was precisely born of a frightening observation on the food waste :' During the first confinement, when I was a sports teacher, I served meals in an Ehpad where he lacked arms and I was shocked at the scale of the food waste ', says Emeric Bossis. The sports teacher therefore abandons his whistle to embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship . He begins to collect unsold bread in bakeries to transform it into rusks first, then into flour. Today, this roasted bread flour is used to make crackers with Provencal herbs, or to the county for the wink of the Jura. But flour is also used to make new breads , such as those prepared by the bakery Le four à bois, in Vannoz, in the Jura, the circle is complete !

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