Bernard d'Ormale: Who is Brigitte Bardot's current husband?

He's her 4th husband... and maybe the last this time! Brigitte Bardot and Bernard d'Ormale said 'yes' to each other in 1992. The star and the former industrialist have been living a peaceful retirement in the South of France since they fell in love. Back on this fiery romance...

  Bernard d'Ormale : qui est le mari actuel de Brigitte Bardot ?

Brigitte Bardot has shared her life for twenty-eight years with her husband Bernard d'Ormale, whom he met in 1992. Together at La Madrague with no less than 50 animals (12 dogs, 25 cats, but also horses, donkeys, goats and chickens...), the couple have happy days in Saint-Tropez. The 85-year-old icon and her 7-year-younger husband still get along great , in the words of Bardot during an interview with the Parisian in 2016.
A brin taquine, the star of And God created the woman had confided in her complicity with her spouse and the game of seduction still present after many years together. ' Apart from seducing my geese and my pigs... Yes, Bernard is very important, he has a sense of humor. But it's for myself that I pay attention', replied the sixties icon.

Love at first sight between Bernard and Brigitte

It all started on June 5, 1992, when Brigitte Bardot was invited to dinner alongside her lawyer Jean-Louis Bouguereau and her friend Jany Le Pen, the wife of Jean-Marie Le Pen, in Saint Tropez. She gets to know Bernard d'Ormale , French industrialist then adviser to the frontist leader .

'Bernard conquered me with a kiss. I had near me a very handsome man whom I had not seen during the evening and whose eyes suddenly pierced my heart' , the ex-baby doll had told Paris Match in October 1992. It was Brigitte Bardot who wrote it herself a few years later in 1996, in her memoirs Initials B.B : 'A mutual crush. He will be my husband for the rest of my life'.

Bernard d'Ormale and Brigitte Bardot

Bernard d'Ormale is the... 4th husband of BB

The animal enthusiast then begins a romance with this 'very charismatic' man. After 3 marriages (Roger Vadim in 1952, Jacques Charrier in 1959 father of his son Nicolas and Gunter Sachs in 1966), Brigitte Bardot is about to wed a new time, just a month after they met. This is July 16, 1992 that lovers unite and swear fidelity to each other in a chapel in Norway , graciously re-opened for the occasion by the pastor...

However, the ex baby-doll remains an independent woman, and confided in November 2021 to Paris-Match : 'It's cute, Bernard's love, of course; but I had other ...Never has a man's love made me want to go on living. It is the animal distress that carries me and makes me want to fight, to continue'. Animals first, then the husband!