Benjamin Castaldi 'traumatized' by the images of Justine Cordule's childbirth (Large Families)

The images of Justine Cordule giving birth on the show 'Large Families: Life in XXL' divided viewers. Benjamin Castaldi preferred to 'close his eyes' to this sequence. A behavior that outraged his colleague from TPMP, Delphine Wespiser…

  Benjamin Castaldi 'traumatized' by the images of the'accouchement de Justine Cordule (Familles Nombreuses)

Direct voltages. Benjamin Castaldi, renowned for his outspokenness again spoke cash on the set Don't touch my post, Wednesday, September 28. In the viewfinder of the host? A controversial sequence of Large Families: life in XXL broadcast on TF1 . Indeed, Monday, September 26, viewers of the flagship program of the first channel were able to discover the images of the childbirth of Justine Cordule, one of the mothers of the show. If some Internet users have assured to have appreciated the images of this birth, others have felt uncomfortable in front of the scene. Around Cyril Hanouna , opinions were also very divided among the columnists. Especially between Delphine Wespiser and Benjamin Castaldi

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Benjamin Castaldi closes his eyes: 'It's a bit traumatic'

After the rebroadcast of the images in question, Delphine Wespiser took the floor to express her strong point of view. And for the columnist, there was nothing embarrassing to broadcast this sequence. ' Why be shocked? It's a program that talks about family, children. Children are not born in cabbage, so I think it's very good that we show that. And there is absolutely nothing gross or gory or anything “, she assured.

Then, Miss France 2012 challenged Benjamin Castaldi: ' I saw that you closed your eyes . You have lots of children... I find it incredible men who are too sensitive to stuff like that ', she was offended. But it was without counting on the cash response of his colleague, father of four children. ' Have you ever attended a childbirth? ', he retorted, before ensuring: ' It's a bit traumatic, that's it.'

Justine Cordule reacts to the controversial sequence: 'It was too much, too good'

An argument refuted illico by the columnist. ' But there, there is nothing. That's life, that's all. There, the images are not shocking ' , she insisted. For her part, Justine Cordule had also expressed herself on her Instagram account, after the broadcast of the episode. The young mother then seemed delighted with the sequence. ' It was too, too good. The pictures are too beautiful . I thank the cameraman because he was able to take the necessary images. He also knew how to leave us our own little moment, manage to go unnoticed . We are too happy “, had reported the mother of the family.