Belly cellulitis: how to eliminate it in this area?

Getting rid of unsightly orange peel on the stomach, we dream about it... Here's how to do it.

  Belly cellulitis: how'éliminer sur cette zone ?

Many women say they suffer from cellulite. Located in specific regions of the body such as the thighs, buttocks and arms, it can also come and ruin our lives in the stomach. But luckily for us, it's not a fatality! With a little will and by following these few tips, it is possible to improve firmness and elasticity of belly skin .

What Causes Belly Cellulitis?

Cellulite lodged in the abdomen can have different origins. When it is due to Water retention , on part of aqueous cellulite . In this case, it is often aggravated by prolonged sitting or standing. If it is the result of excess fat, it is a fatty cellulite . Finally, it can be caused both by water retention and poor diet, we then speak of mixed cellulitis .

Hormones play an important role in fat storage. Most often, it is during a period of hormonal upheaval that cellulite multiplies on a woman's belly. The main hormonal fluctuations appear at puberty, after pregnancy and at menopause.

However, it is also related to the genetic . Some people are simply more likely than others to have cellulite on their stomachs.

How to remove belly cellulite naturally?

To say goodbye to belly cellulite sustainably, nothing better than combining several solutions. First of all, one can use the massages . They allow to work the fat masses in depth. If pinching or kneading is effective, nothing beats technique of palpate-roll . Using both hands, firmly pinch the skin in a fold until it rolls towards the navel. In addition, the belly is an easily accessible area to massage yourself. If it is accompanied by essential oil, previously diluted in a vegetable oil (avocado, argan, jojoba), the massage will be all the more effective. To take advantage of all its benefits, we do not hesitate to use a suction cup or a device that reproduces the palpate-roll method.

The horsehair gant is also an infallible treatment to fight against cellulite. Its tonic action stimulates blood circulation and prevents the formation of cellulite.

Finally, the creams anti-cellulite can help remove orange peel skin. Provided that they are made up of active ingredients such as caffeine, green tea or retinol.

Since stress is a factor that promotes fat storage, be sure to relax as much as possible while practicing these methods. Note that they are only useful in addition to regular physical activity and a healthy diet.

What diet to beat belly cellulite?

To gradually eliminate cellulite present in the belly, we focus on our diet. It should be balanced and contain healthy foods. Get rid of processed foods and ready meals. Opt for fruits and more particularly citrus which have a good dose of vitamins. We do not zap proteins. They are essential for developing muscle mass and tapping into reserves. Don't forget the vegetables of course. low calorie, leek, cabbage and celery have diuretic properties which cleanse the body of toxins. The best way to fight against water retention, an aggravating factor of cellulite, is to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day . The trick? Start the day with lemon juice squeezed into a tall glass of lukewarm water.

What are belly cellulite sports?

To reduce cellulite, a good diet is combined with physical activity. The ideal is to regularly practice a endurance sport and targeted exercises as the sheathing . The goal is to feel a burning sensation in the muscles of the abdominal belt. Choose from brisk walking, swimming , running, cycling, combat sports or even yoga and pilates. These sports allow you to burn accumulated fat, especially those located on your stomach. Result: the silhouette is refined and the appearance of the skin of the belly gradually improves.