Here's how to replicate Salma Hayek's glamorous beauty look at the Golden Globes

With her perfect make-up, Salma Hayek captivated the planet during the Golden Globes ceremony. We reveal all the stages of her beauty preparation for the event.
Beauty 2023-01-16 08:10:02 by Terry

Jennifer Lopez, 53, Poses Without Makeup and Looks Hot!

On her Instagram account, Jennifer Lopez reveals her true beauty with a photo without filter or makeup and she is unrecognizable!
Beauty 2023-01-13 06:35:03 by Terry

It's Ginger Day! Here's how to take the plunge for flamboyant hair

If red hair is rare naturally, more than one has been tempted to dye it red. Based on her natural color, which shade should you choose then? Clear, coppery, Venetian... We help you find the right red color for Ginger Day this January 12, 2023.
Beauty 2023-01-13 06:35:03 by Terry

Yoga attire: how to dress well to practice?

Whether you are a fan of gentle yoga or dynamic yoga, an outfit is essential to practice your session in a pleasant and comfortable way. How do I find a suitable outfit? Advice from Sophie Laden, dialogue manager at Kimjaly, the Yoga range of Decathlon.
Beauty 2023-01-13 06:35:02 by Terry

Wednesday Addams: Learn How to Do Jenna Ortega's Gothic Hair and Makeup

Dark smokey eyes, long bangs, schoolgirl pigtails and dark lipstick: this is Wednesday Addams' signature beauty look. We help you copy it thanks to the secrets of the make-up artist who took care of Jenna Ortega during the filming of the Netflix series.
Beauty 2023-01-13 06:35:02 by Terry

Wavy hair: techniques for a wavy effect and 50 photos to inspire

Whether natural or made with a hairdressing device, wavy hair gives a wavy effect that is both chic and relaxed to the hair. Here's how to achieve this easy-going hairstyle.
Beauty 2023-01-13 06:35:02 by Terry

Mewing: What's That Tongue Exercise That Reduces Double Chin?

Getting rid of your naso-labial wrinkles and double chin thanks to the position of your tongue: this is the promise of mewing, a new effective technique that is a hit on TikTok. Here's how to do this exercise at home.
Beauty 2023-01-26 13:17:02 by Terry

Chebula: What Is This Mystery Ingredient With Powerful Anti-Aging Power?

What are the origins of the chebula? What are its beauty benefits? How to use it safely? We explain everything about this new buzzing anti-aging ingredient.
Beauty 2023-01-12 06:35:02 by Terry

Wolf cut: on curly or long hair, 30 photos for a 70's cut

Halfway between the Shag cut and the mullet cut, the Wolf cut is the new trendy haircut that displays a look that is both casual and rebellious. Easy to live with, it adapts to fine hair as well as thick hair. Decryption.
Beauty 2023-01-11 06:14:02 by Terry

Chignon: 50 trendy inspirations to tie your hair

The bun is a hairstyle that clears the face well. Worn high, low or styled, it gives style to your face. Trends and techniques for doing your bun well.
Beauty 2023-01-11 06:13:04 by Terry