Dry lips: what to do to hydrate them quickly?

The cold is back and attacks our lips which are prone to dryness. Follow our remedies, tips and natural recipes to find soft lips.
Beauty 2023-01-26 13:17:03 by Terry

Here's Behind the Scenes of Doja Cat's Thousand Crystal Makeup at the Schiaparelli Show

Beauty products used, working time, number of crystals placed or make-up artist to credit: here are all the secrets that made possible the disturbing and sensational beauty look worn by Doja Cat at the Schiaparelli show.
Beauty 2023-01-26 13:18:02 by Terry

Sharon Stone, 64, looks 20 years younger with this new hairstyle

Exit the short haircut and place the mid-length hair, the time of a show. Discover in photos the three unexpected hairstyles worn by Sharon Stone.
Beauty 2023-01-26 13:17:03 by Terry

Cristina Córdula has a super easy trick to dress without messing up her hair

On Instagram, Cristina Córdula revealed in video her surprising trick to dress without touching her impeccable hairstyle. Discover her unstoppable hair secret.
Beauty 2023-01-24 11:42:03 by Terry

Amel Bent adopts the trendiest coloring of the season

With her new hair color, Amel Bent is right in the hair trend of the season. Discover her magnificent beauty look in photos.
Beauty 2023-01-24 11:42:03 by Terry

Eyelash curler: how to use it well to enhance your eyes?

The eyelash curler is essential to open the eyes and have a doe eye. Instructions and expert advice on how to use it properly.
Beauty 2023-01-24 11:41:03 by Terry

Shavasana: the posture to end a yoga session

The Shavasana (savasana) which literally means 'the posture of the corpse' is an essential asana in yoga since it ends the session. The shavasana allows a real letting go. The explanations of Annsonia Baudelot, yoga teacher at the Modo Yoga studio in Paris.
Beauty 2023-01-23 11:32:02 by Terry

At 52, Naomi Campbell swears by this funny tool to not age

What are Naomi Campbell's anti-aging secrets to maintaining flawless skin at 52? We give you the answer.
Beauty 2023-01-21 09:54:02 by Terry

Camille Lou returns to her natural hair color and she will amaze you!

At the start of the year, Camille Lou decided to change her mind and post the result on Instagram. A successful hair transformation.
Beauty 2023-01-21 09:54:02 by Terry

Here are the hairstyle trends that will punctuate winter 2023

Fancy a new haircut or a new color? Gianni Coppa, hairdresser, colorist and founder of the R'Factory salon reveals to you a preview of the trends to adopt to be on top this winter 2023.
Beauty 2023-01-18 09:17:02 by Terry