Balanced meal: morning, noon and evening, what to cook?

Pizza, gratin, cordon-bleu, quiche… Difficult to combine indulgence and balance as a family. So to become a real chef at home, follow our easy recipe ideas.

  Balanced meal: morning, noon and evening, what to cook?

When we have a family , whether numerous or not, it is difficult to manage to free oneself from the time . We then often bet on a frozen tray , very useful for troubleshooting. There are however solutions to please his whole family while making balanced menus . Follow the leader !

What composition for a balanced meal?

Composing a balanced meal is easier than you think. It is enough organize the plates as follows :

  • Half of the plate should contain vegetables.
  • A quarter of the plate contains animal or vegetable proteins : fish, white meat, legumes, eggs, tofu…
  • The last quarter contains Whole grains : brown rice, basmati, wholemeal pasta, quinoa, cereal or wholemeal bread…

For cooking and seasoning, vary the oils : olive, coconut, hazelnut, flax, sesame… taking care of their smoke point , i.e. the temperature from which the oils become toxic.

add to the dishes of spices and herbs such as turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, thyme, parsley… for their nutritional benefits. For dessert, choose a fresh fruit , oilseeds (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts), or a dairy product (natural yoghurt or cottage cheese with no added sugar). Finally, on the side of drinks , the sweet ones - sodas and fruit juices - must be banned. Discover more ideas from our partner Intermarché to consume better.

Balanced meal in the evening: what to favor?

In the evening, finding inspiration for meals is sometimes a matter of challenge. You have to imagine gourmet and balanced dinners , making sure that children eat enough fruits and vegetables .

Also, to make it easier for you, arrange their plates as previously advised, decreasing the portion of starches . They take a long time to digest and promote the storage of calories.

For a healthy and tasty dinner , go for a zucchini soup and oven-baked goat cheese toast, a tian of legumes , polenta with herbs in tomato sauce, salmon-spinach lasagna, roasted vegetable curry, light toasted sandwiches with wholemeal bread, a cauliflower and potato gratin, or even endives au gratin with ham. Overall, always associate a protein - minced steak, cooked ham, tuna - to vegetables.

Healthy Vegetarian Meal Ideas

A meal vegetarian balanced and complete must contain vegetable proteins in sufficient quantity. It is found in legumes, cereals and oilseed fruits.

Not to miss fatty acids , add to your dishes one to two tablespoons of oil rapeseed, walnuts, olives, sunflower, sesame, flax... or prefer lawyers , nuts and seeds .

Then let your imagination run wild: stuffed zucchini with dried tomatoes, hazelnuts and feta, vegetarian chili , lemon-marinated raw zucchini salad, veggie spring rolls (fun for the kids!), stuffed vegetables , turmeric rice…

You can also replace the sour cream of animal origin by vegetable creams : coconut, soy…

Inexpensive balanced meal ideas

Cooking in a varied way is already a challenge, but cooking special 'low budget' recipes , is even more so. Dishes should also be sufficiently hearty and greedy.

So to please young and old alike, bet on homemade lasagna , stuffed pancakes, tomato tart, mushroom risotto or on dishes made with chicken or turkey - two very inexpensive white meats - served with coconut milk, spices, caramelized onions, brown rice, sweet potato fries... The variations are endless.

From so-called 'economical' fish , we find sardines, mackerel, hake, whiting, pout, tilapia, saithe , carp or mullet. Accompany them with carrots, onions, leeks or potatoes, cheap.

Finally, be aware that the 'homemade' allows you to make great savings : a homemade pie dough - just like crepes, pancakes, cakes, desserts and sauces - will necessarily be cheaper than their industrial equivalents.

Easy balanced meal ideas

The basic rules of a balanced meal is to cover all the nutritional needs of the family: fats, proteins and carbohydrates. To do this, bet on simple recipes and quick cooking , oven, pan or steam.

The traditional dishes such as vegetable soups, vegetable and fish couscous, salmon and broccoli flan, stuffed tomatoes, coral lentil daal, fish en papillote or moussaka (light) represent good options for the evening.