Baguette price inflation, breakfast rises

After meat, oil, ice cream or fuel, the price of your breakfast is also rising. The loaf of bread is suffering the effects of inflation and this is likely to last.

 Baguette price inflation, breakfast rises

Pasta , flour, oil, electricity, inflation affects many everyday products and now baguettes are also affected. According to' Insee , its price increased by 4.5% in 1 year , going on average from 0.89 euro to 0.93 euro. Bakeries are raising their prices by 0.05 to 0.10 euros , or even more depending on the region. Increases that may seem ridiculous, but its price has jumped in less than a year and is likely to continue to increase.

Why is the price of the baguette increasing?

Inflation impacts all sectors and the bakery is not left behind. Dominique Anract, President of the National Confederation of French Bakery-Pastry, to our colleagues from the Figaro : ' wheat has exploded lately, the minimum wage has increased, as has electricity '.' All positions increased: raw materials, energy, packaging ' he says to BFM . Moreover, it reveals that production costs are between 75-85% of the price, labor 30-40%, charges like electricity, water, rent are 20% of the total and raw materials 15%. The war in Ukraine plays a major role in these increases, the country being one of the largest wheat exporters in Europe.

Will prices continue to rise?

Unfortunately these small price increases are not enough for bakers. In order not to drive away a clientele already hurt by inflation, they are forced to reduce their margin. ' If we had to pass on the increases to the prices, there would be increases of 30% 'says Dominique Anract at the microphone of BFM. The price of a baguette would reach almost 1,30 euro . The current increase is ' quite reasonable ' he announces, ' we will have a strong increase ' in the coming months.