Back-to-school allowance: amounts, date of 2nd payment

Part of the back-to-school allowance was paid to beneficiaries on August 16 in mainland France as well as in the West Indies and Guyana. Revalued by 4%, a second payment is planned. Amounts, dates, conditions... What you need to know about the ARS 2022.

The back-to-school allowance paid in two instalments

This year, in the face of inflation and in accordance with the purchasing power law, the back-to-school allowance has been increased by 4% . The inhabitants of Mayotte and Reunion received it on August 2, and those of mainland France and the Antilles / Guyana this Tuesday August 16. A second installment is provided for the beneficiaries who will then receive the amount of the revaluation in a second stage. 'The 4% revaluation, announced by the government, will be paid automatically to all beneficiaries in a second payment a few days later ' can we read on the website of the CAF . According to France 3, the supplement should be paid' beginning of September, at the same time as the monthly payment of other benefits'.

When is the back-to-school allowance paid?

This year, the back-to-school allowance was paid on August 2 to the inhabitants of Mayotte and Reunion, and on August 16, 2022 to the inhabitants of mainland France, the Antilles and Guyana. A second payment corresponding to the amount of the revaluation of 4% will be paid to the beneficiaries in a second stage.

Who is entitled to the back-to-school allowance?

Back-to-school allowance is paid to you if your child attends a public or private school, and born between September 16, 2004 and December 31, 2016 inclusive (be between 6 and 18 years old). The ARS is also paid for each primary school child born after 2004 and already registered in CP.

Does the back-to-school allowance apply to high school students over the age of 18?

The back-to-school allowance is only paid to parents until their child's 18th birthday , dated September 16. Thus, if the child has not yet turned 18 on this date, the ARS can be paid one last time. Beyond the age of 18, scholarships can be paid to meet tuition fees.

What are the amounts of the back-to-school allowance in 2022?

The amount of the back-to-school allowance is calculated based on the age of the child. In 2022, in metropolitan France, the back-to-school allowance currently amounts to 376.98 euros for a child aged 6 to 10, 397.78 euros for a child aged 11 to 14 and 411.56 euros for a child aged 15 to 18. With the 4% revaluation, these amounts are respectively increased by 15.07 euros, 15.91 euros, and 16.46 euros. Note: these increases will be the subject of a second payment, a few days later after that of the initial amount. ' For example, a family in mainland France with a 7-year-old child will receive €376.98 back-to-school allowance on August 16. Then €15.07 (amount of the 4% revaluation) a few days later' explains the CAF

Child's age Total amount ARS 2022 (with revaluation)
6-10 years old €392.05
11-14 years old 413, 69 euros
15-18 years old 428.02 euros

In Mayotte, the amounts of the back-to-school allowance are slightly different. Thus parents whose children go to primary school currently receive 378.87 euros, those whose children attend college benefit from a back-to-school allowance amounting to 399.77 euros. Finally, parents of high school students have an ARS of 413.62 euros.

What ceilings should not be exceeded to receive the back-to-school allowance?

The back-to-school allowance is paid to parents whose income does not exceed a certain ceiling in 2020. 'The ceiling on family resources varies according to the number of dependent children “says the government. Therefore, this financial aid covers the school fees for the start of the school year from primary school to high school.

  • The ceilings must not reach more than 25,370 euros for a dependent child;
  • 31,225 euros for two children;
  • 37,080 euros for three children,
  • 42,935 euros for four children
  • then, for each additional child, 5,855 euros are to be added to the resource cap.
Number of dependent children Ceiling
1 child €25,370
2 children €31,225
3 children €37,080
4 children €42,935

How to calculate your back-to-school allowance?

It is possible to calculate your rights to the back-to-school allowance to find out, in a few clicks, if you can benefit from the ARS. the simulator will then take into account your annual resources, the number of dependent children, their ages and their schooling. To access the simulator, go to the website . If you are entitled to it, you can apply for it on the coffee site , and also estimate the amount on the online simulator, on the site

What steps should I take to benefit from the ARS?

Parents of children ages 6-15 don't need to do anything: the back-to-school allowance is paid automatically to families already receiving benefits who meet the conditions. Beneficiaries whose child is admitted to a preparatory course (CP) at the start of the school year must send a certificate of schooling to benefit from the ARS. Parents of teenagers aged 16 to 18 do not have to provide proof of education To benefit from this aid, a sworn statement confirming that the child is well educated is sufficient with the Caf.

  • For your first child , you will first have to fill a file in order to become a beneficiary. An ARS application can be downloaded from the Caf website for families who do not yet have a file. Then, the payment of the back-to-school allowance will be made automatically by the Caf, until your child's 15th birthday.
  • If your child has already entered CP , but he turns 6 in 2022, all you have to do is send your Caf a certificate of schooling to be collected from the school and then send it to the Caf.
  • For children aged 16-18 (born between September 16, 2004 and December 31, 2016 inclusive), proof of education is no longer mandatory. A statement on the Caf website makes it clear that your child is still in school, studying or learning for the start of the school year. This online process will then allow you to continue to benefit from the ARS. Remember that since 2015, back-to-school allowance is also paid to disabled children aged 6 but attending kindergarten.

Differential ARS: how much can you get if you just go over the cap?

Beneficiaries who benefit from the differential ARS will also be able to receive the increase of 100 euros per child, specifies the Caf. But what is differential ARS? If your resources are slightly higher than the ceilings, you can still claim the Back to School Allowance, this is called ' differential ARS '. To do this, your resources must be lower than the 'Increased ceiling', that is to say, the amount of the ARS ceiling + ARS amount . Example : you have two children in school (one is 6 and the other is 16) and your annual income is €31,700 . Your income is therefore above the ARS resource ceiling in 2022 for two children, which is 31,225 euros. Calculation: if you received a normal ARS, this would correspond to 392.05 euros + 428.02 euros = 820.07 euros . Your increased ceiling would be: 31,225 (2022 ceiling) + 820.07 euros (your ARS) = €32,045.07 . Your annual resources (31,700 euros) are well below the increased ceiling (32,045.07 euros), so you are eligible for differential ARS. How much will you get? The differential ARS is the difference between your increased cap and your annual resources. In our previous example, you will therefore hit: 32,045.07 - 31,700 = €345.07 .

Back-to-school allowance: what to do in the event of a divorce?

When the parents separate, and in particular in the event of joint custody, the back-to-school allowance continues to be paid. However, the amount is not shared between the two parents. It is then the one who makes the request first who will receive this financial assistance. This is indeed an exceptional case since the other types of Family allowances can be shared at the request of the parents. Therefore, whoever receives this aid is supposed to take care of the expenses related to the schooling of the child. It is then up to the parents to agree on the school fees. It should be noted that in the event of placement of the child by a judge of social aid for children, this back-to-school allowance is then blocked in a savings account at the Caisse des dépôts et consignations. When the child has reached his majority, he will be able to make a request to recover this sum.