Back to school 2022 and Pap Ndiaye's school of 'excellence'

On the occasion of his back-to-school press conference, the Minister of National Education presented his major plans for the school, a school which guarantees the same chances of success for all', as well as the measures implemented to apply them.

[Updated August 26, 2022 at 10:40 a.m.] On the occasion of his press conference about the Back to School , the Minister of Education presented his overall project for the school, and the objectives of excellence he aims for 'student success'. this requires several measures.

- The 'priority to the acquisition of fundamental knowledge', with the continuation of 'national assessments of student achievements in French and mathematics to develop the culture of assessment', including the novelty of these assessments in CM1 and in class of 4th.

-The continuation of class duplication in education priority, especially in kindergarten where it is only achieved to date at 75%

- the experimentation in 140 volunteer colleges of 2 hours of additional sport per week.

- The dedication of a half-day to academic orientation in college, to better support secondary school students and allow them to make 'informed choices', while ensuring that the professional path becomes a 'sector of excellence' and not a 'default' choice.

- A particular importance in mathematics, the subject of which was reinforced in high school, and which will be the subject of deep reflection so that it is reinforced from college

-The fight against all forms of discrimination:

  • between girls and boys to fight against determinism and, for example, allow girls to go more easily to science courses
  • against racism, anti-Semitism and LGBTphobia
  • by strengthening social diversity, in particular by setting up sectors of excellence in priority education areas

- An active commitment to the well-being of students, through 'a fundamental fight' against school bullying and cyber-bullying

What are the 5 main axes of Pap Ndiaye for the start of the school year?

1 - Fight against social inequalities

First axis and not the least for Pap Ndiaye, very attached to the primary mission of the Republican and meritocratic school: allow all French schoolchildren to climb the ladder and raise their social status . 'It is my responsibility to take charge of the drama of injustice that our school system feeds by not allowing the poorest enough to hope to transform their social condition. , he argues in an interview with Huffington Post. This broken promise casts a shadow over our actions ' he thus explained, wanting moreover to make of the school a kind of refuge, where the only identity, the only status which counts, is that of student. He thus speaks of the school as of 'a shelter against prejudice of all kinds ', allowing ' to break down the downturns that are comforting in appearance, devastating in reality... Collectively, we can ensure that young minds are not drawn to resentment and pessimism'. This, while 75% French people say they are worried about the increase in the number of religious outfits at school .

2 - Prioritize fundamental knowledge and lessons

Like his predecessor Jean-Michel Blanquer, Pap Ndiaye insists on fundamental knowledge, with priority ' French and Mathematics in the teaching provided to our students until the end of the sixth '. He thus continues the French and mathematical plans, and also announces for next year the launch of a 'plan kindergarten ', he also turned to an initial mastery of these two subjects.

3 - Ensure the well-being of students

Fight against discrimination and valuing people with disabilities , this is the inclusive school according to Pap Ndiaye. On the first point, the Minister wants to be precise and determined: 'This spirit of vigilance, of listening, must also concern acts and words of discrimination, racist or anti-Semitic hatred, sexist or sexual violence. The well-being of pupils requires that the school be a place without prejudice, without words and without acts of intimidation, a secular place as well'. As for the second point, the Minister wants to be '​​ ', and wishes, AESH ( support for students with disabilities ), .

4 - Commit to the environment

The Minister wants to include his global action in the fight for the preservation of the environment , believing that each political action, whatever its ministerial function, must ' '. In fact, it counts review school infrastructure and adapt it to environmental standards , as well as strengthening the theoretical awareness of students: ' ​, writes the minister.

5 - Revalorize the teaching profession

While the profession is facing an unprecedented vocation crisis, and the start of the new school year will be with vacancies due to a shortage of teachers, Pap Ndiaye intends to restore the image of the profession . 'This symbolic recognition is essential. It involves devoting a particular and significant effort to raising salaries if we want to create a shock of attractiveness, attract and retain our young colleagues'

What is the great consultation?

From September 2022, the major consultation will begin , as part of the major school reform desired by the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron and quickly pursued by his new Minister of Education Pap Ndiaye. The latter thus explained how he would proceed, by first of all initiating debates open to all the actors who evolve within or around the school. 'It will really be a debate, decentralized exchanges, in all schools' where the 'teachers, parents of students, administrative and management staff and other actors in local life' will be invited to speak.

What concrete changes for the start of the school year?

A more inclusive school

Concretely next September, Pap Ndiaye announced the creation of '4,000 additional full-time equivalents of carers for children with disabilities'

Fewer children in class and duplication

Priority given to the elementary course with 'an improvement in the student supervision rate '. In practice, this means a lower average number of pupils per class, while it has already fallen from 23 to 21.8 children between 2017 and 2021. Among the youngest, in kindergarten, the duplication of large section classes will be continued in the priority and reinforced priority education networks, known as REP and REP+.

30 minutes of sport per day at school

It was the president himself who announced that elementary school students will now have thirty minutes of sports a day,

in addition to PE hours. ' It's a real revolution, to both learn better (...) and have a real health prevention policy to fight against obesity and the sedentary lifestyle of many of our children and teenagers. “said Emmanuel Macron.

Return of maths in the common core at the start of the school year

In secondary education, confirmation was also made at the beginning of the month of the return of 'optional' mathematics in the common core in Première from September 2022. This new scientific and mathematical teaching will be extended to 3.5 hours weekly (compared to 2 hours currently). It will be assessed as part of continuous assessment, without modifying the coefficient currently attributed to scientific education (coefficient 3 for the year of 1ère).

Boosting the attractiveness of the teaching profession

A key point in the reform and the main player in schools, the teaching staff is at the heart of the concerns of the Minister of Education. Accusing a significant drop in its workforce, Pap Ndiaye has the challenge of reviving the attractiveness of teaching professions while an unprecedented shortage of teachers is undermining the next school year. . The Job dating launched with Pôle Emploi had also caused a scandal, and to accommodate the 12.2 million students in September, the minister called on 'contract teachers, whose share remains very modest with 1% in the first degree and 8% in the second degree,' he said. In the longer term and in a structural logic, the Minister agrees to review better remuneration and working conditions for professors and teachers.

What is the school of the future?

These schools of the future, experimented in Marseille, bring more autonomy to primary schools , in particular by allowing headteachers to recruit their own teachers. Traveling to Marseille on Thursday June 2, 2022, Emmanuel Macron reassures: 'we are never going to get the heads of establishment to make their own transfer window'. What to answer, on the other hand, teacher shortage which worries the academies. But concretely, according to Virginie Akliouat, spokesperson for Snuipp-FSU, a union of school teachers, 'the test has not really started in the 59 schools “. she specifies to the Parisian .