Audrey Tautou is 46 years old: what becomes of her?

Audrey Tautou: 33 films and then leaves? The unforgettable interpreter of Amélie Poulain celebrates her 46 spring on August 10, but seems to have distanced herself from the Cinema. A concern for anonymity is not surprising, as the actress shows discretion outside the sets and in her private life…

  Audrey Tautou is 46 years old: what becomes of her?

It has been several years since Audrey Tautou did not star in a film. If the pandemic Covid 19 has profoundly slowed down the pace of theatrical releases, however, it is not said that we will see Audrey Tautou again anytime soon. . As we celebrate Audrey Tautou's 46th birthday on August 10, and as we celebrated the 20th Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain in 2021, a role that is always inseparable from her, the actress seems to have moved away plates ...

Audrey Tautou: 33 films in more than 20 years of career

Already in 2011, Audrey Tautou said she wanted to leave the world of cinema gradually so as not to be missed too much by those who had made it. the leading actress of the 2000s . BFM TV went to meet the last directors to have filmed with the actress to give them the floor. Pierre Salvadori , who directed her three times, including her last shoot Freely! released in 2018 finds its elegant stage exit: ' It seemed easy for her, because she is gifted, but the cinema required a lot of investment from her. Access to the game, to the truth of a scene, came to her in a way that was more and more beautiful, and more and more painful. Each time, she was more feverish, a little more worried. '

His concern was, moreover, obvious to Jean-Pierre Jeunet , which made her iconic in Amelie Poulain then in A Long Engagement Sunday . For Jeunet, Audrey Tautou did not necessarily want this glory but she knew how to keep her candor: ' She had a child side. I remember once when she said to me, 'oh, I did too much', to say that she had overplayed a little. It was sweet. She was absolutely adorable. I can still see her helping the machinists, putting the wedges under the dolly. She laughs very easily. I see her again with her turkey laugh, extraordinary, which breaks me completely. She was quite carefree at the time, quite cheerful. '

Audrey Tautou: her private life

Very secret about her private life, Audrey Tautou had also declared in 2008 to Marie Claire: ' The less I am in the light, the better off I am '. This followed the rumors of a couple that she was forming with Mathieu Chedid . She then had a romance with Yann Le Bourbouac'h , Marketing Director of Gaumont. A relationship made public in 2016 that would be over.

' I really want it and I hope it will happen. I love children, and I always wanted to have them. '. It was with these words that the actress spoke of motherhood at Grace. A project which would have resulted in the adoption, according to Here is... But let's leave Audrey Tautou her mystery and her aura that charm us so much...