Audrey Fleurot: First details on the adaptation of her HPI series in the United States!

A huge hit in France, TF1's flagship series 'HPI' is now appealing across the Atlantic. An adaptation would soon be underway, with a great unknown: who will play Morgane Alvaro played by Audrey Fleurot, in her US version? The 'Deadline' site gave first information on the upcoming adaptation.

  Audrey Fleurot: First details on the'adaptation de sa série HPI aux Etats-Unis !

HPI , for High Intellectual Potential, stands out as a highly desirable series. Audience success since the broadcast of the first season, renewed confidence with a second vintage at the critical and public meeting, the TF1 series, carried by a Audrey Fleurot incredible, continues its way to the land of Uncle Sam! The specialized site, Deadline , provided some clarification.

HPI, Audrey Fleurot's series soon to be adapted in the United States

In a press release from Newen - production company of the TF1 series -, revealed by Allocinated , we learn that an American version of HPI has just been signed, the rights having been sold to a production company affiliated with the Disney group, ABC Signature. Excellent news which confirms the originality of this television UFO. ' HPI is an incredible international adventure and the subject of its exploitation in the United States very quickly arose ', confided the managing director of Newen, Rodolphe Buet.

The American site Deadline has since provided some details on the adaptation project. This is well the ABC network who just placed an order for a pilot . A way to test the waters before launching a full season. The working title of this remake is for now Good Will Hunting . And that's writer and director Drew Goddard ( buffy the vampire slayer , Angel , Lost ...) who is at the helm. If the project is selected, it will be launched for 2023-2024. As a reminder, HPI has been sold in over 100 countries !

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HPI in the United States: to 'promote French production'

little gem made in France , HPI will embark on its crossing of the Atlantic, but not alone. In the United States, the excitement is on, as confirmed by Newen: ' The enthusiasm of the ABC Signature teams and their discussions with the producers convinced us that they could give the series additional influence, and allow an original TF1 creation to carry the colors of French production and its talents high. .' A great reward for this remarkable teamwork, which was able to federate around a hot topic.

HPI in the United States: who to embody Audrey Fleurot?

If the series has conquered different countries – notably Italy, Spain and Germany – and has recorded 175 million views worldwide, this adaptation in the United States is particularly awaited. Starting with its casting. Because who will play Morgane Alvaro (Audrey Fleurot), Adam Karadec (Mehdi Nebbou) or Gilles Vandraud (Bruno Sanches), or Roxane Ascher (Clotilde Hesme)? For the moment, no information on the American interpreters has been released. The expectation is at its height...

Audrey Fleurot, star of another TF1 series

The actress, recently shown at the comedy cinema The Very Very High Class, also made his return in another series for TF1. Indeed, the popular Audrey Fleurot is one of the headliners of the event series The Fighters , which launched on September 19, 2022. It is an 8-episode television mini-series following the fate of four women during World War I. We also find in the cast Julie de Bona, Camille Lou and Sofia Essaïdi.

The first channel was once again a hit with The Fighters and topped the ratings. The first two episodes were watched by an average of 5.11 million curious people according to Médiamétrie, i.e. 26.4% of the public and 29.0% of women responsible for purchases under the age of fifty (FRDA-50) underlines Puremedia .