Audrey Fleurot changes color and becomes blonde

Gone are the long flamboyant red hair and make way for the square cut enhanced by a blonde coloring! Discover in photo the capillary size change operated by Audrey Fleurot.

 Audrey Fleurot changes color and becomes blonde

Like Caroline Receveur, Julianne Moore or Mylène Farmer, Audrey Fleurot is one of the stars to copy to find inspiration for red hair colors. But that was before since the actress of the series HPI showed up with a new hair color.

Audrey Fleurot goes blonde

If we have always known her as a redhead (in the series Kaamelott, HPI or The Charite Bazaar ), Audrey Fleurot abandoned her natural hair color during a shoot. For the needs of the new Arte series named spirits of winter , the actress swapped her flamboyant red for a light and luminous blonde . It is on Instagram that we can discover the photo of this coloring which seems to please the fans of the 45-year-old star. This is the first time that we have seen Audrey Fleurot with the Blond hair , since the Frenchwoman prefers to play on shades of red, going from orange-red to light sunny red.

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Audrey Fleurot's coloring secrets

Naturally redheaded, Audrey Fleurot must still maintain her coloring to display the flamboyant redhead that she loves so much. During an interview for the site Feminine, the actress says: 'In fact, I reinforce my natural color which has faded a little over the past ten years'. Because the mother of a little boy named Lou admits that his redhead 'has lightened and turns a little strawberry blond' , what he has ' a bit depressed.' To guarantee an incendiary roux, Audrey Fleurot has a secret: a ' plant coloring of the brand Logona ' which she does herself at home and which gives her a natural tone-on-tone dye.