Attention Chilli Eaters: Ready for the hottest contest of the year?

On April 1st, the first edition of Paris on Fire will take place, an event dedicated to peppers with, on the menu, a competition of pepper eaters. April Fool ? Absolutely not.

 Attention Chilli Eaters: Ready for the Hottest Contest Ever'année ?

Fasten your seat belts and your taste buds, the 1 is april next, from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m., Hot in Here is organizing the very first festival exclusively devoted to pepper at Floréal Belleville in Paris. On the program of celebrations, a competition chilli eaters that will challenge the greatest thrill seekers. Something to warm up the atmosphere and the palace to start the evening off right! Twelve volunteers will be drawn among the bravest to taste more and more bites spicy on the Scoville scale . A baptism of fire that will be rewarded with gifts well deserved: a spicy giga box and the book On Fire! , the first book on the history of chilli in France which will see its launch during the event.

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Chilli in all sauces

But if you don't have the heart to set your mouth on fire with this contest, you can on the other hand mouth watering tasting homemade sauces! Direction the spicy bar where you can also taste the cocktails and shots more or less hot peppers offered by Hot in Here. THE more players who have not been selected in the chili-eating contest will be able to console themselves at the spicy roulette , or the raffle. The wisest will be able to immerse themselves in the uninhibited and spiced universe of exposition 'My Hand in the Fire: Illustrating the Spicy World'. All against the backdrop of frenzied music and in the presence of references must-haves in the world of french hot sauces : Maempi, Illegal Hot Sauce, Alive Hot Sauce, Molho Molho, Roquette Man, Mastari, Sauce Canaille, Sauce Piqu'Hans, Unexpected Food Ōbservatory, Rainbow Hot Sauce as well as the Franco-Belgian Swet and Franco-Slovenian Pekočko sauces. We have already hot , not you ? For take part in the competition , submit your application on line (€7). For participate in the event , get your tickets here (free).