At what age can I let my daughter wax?

Does your teen want to wax their legs, armpits, bikini line or/and eyebrows? From what age can we let it go and how? Dermatologist Nina Roos sheds some light on us.

  At what age can I leave my daughter'épiler ?

At what age to epilate the armpits?

'There is no age below which an area could not be waxed, if it is of concern or a source of complex' ,

says Nina Roos, dermatologist and author of the book ' My teen's skin ' (Solar Ed.). In revenge, 'What is certain is that the younger the children, the less able they will be to do it on their own and the less painful methods will have to be selected ' , she says. And for good reason, an 11 or 12 year old girl who waxes will not have the same pain tolerance, nor the same motivation as a 16 or 17 year old girl. For the armpits, we therefore prefer razor or depilatory cream for the youngest. Wax for older people.

At what age to let her wax her legs?

'Today young girls enter the puberty much earlier, as a result, they have hairiness that sets in earlier' , analyzes the dermatologist . However, this hairiness can be accompanied by complexes following, for example, teasing of certain classmates, which can sometimes occur as early as CM2. She also notes that today 'for many children, around 10 or 11 years old, hair becomes a real concern . Certainly, social networks and big sisters also sense this desire for compliance among young people' . Dr. Roos therefore suggests not denying our daughter a solution if she is not comfortable with her hairiness . Dermatologist's advice: get into hair removal little by little using simple, gentle means adapted to the situation and location. Starting with the hair removal cream on legs for example. For less painless methods like the electric epilator or the wax, it all depends on the area, the hairiness and the motivation of the child . Nina Roos also recalls that among the teenagers , waxing doesn't have to be regular . 'In a very young girl, for example, we may be going to wax her just before the summer, and, if she does not practice swimming , leave it alone the rest of the year'. What two Shaver ? 'It really is a troubleshooting techniques , to be used as occasional ' , according to Nina Roos, because 'It will still strengthen the hairs in the long run'.

Eyebrow waxing, from which page?

If there is therefore no minimum age required either for the area of eyebrows , for Dr. Roos 'in a teenager, it is enough

d' remove only the small hairs that meet between the two eyebrows ' . In effect, 'it is better to avoid epilating the outermost part and the lower part of the eyebrow because these areas, as the years go by, the hairs will no longer grow back there and at 30, they risk having a eyebrow plucking problem'. Furthermore, many wax the eyebrows early, risk of too much feminization and sexualization of the face. The dermatologist also suggests avoiding taking her child to have her eyebrows waxed by a beautician, because she risks waxing her more. Finally, of course, eyebrow plucking should only be done at the request of the child. The dermatologist takes the opportunity to remind young girls to never use a razor on your face , whether for the eyebrows or the mustache.

At what age can you go to the beautician?

But then, at what age can we start considering taking her to have her eyebrows, legs, armpits and/or bikini line waxed at the beautician? 'From 14 years old' , answers the dermatologist. And more specifically, she adds, regarding the bikini area, ' when the young girl feels comfortable going to put on her underwear, to have a somewhat intimate area waxed in front of a stranger' . On the frequency side, there is no standard, just as there is no specific age or obligation to wax. Thus, if the child does not talk about it, is not complexed, we do not anticipate anything.

Watch out for ingrown hairs!

The wrong method of hair removal on sensitive areas can lead to the regrowth of sub-skin hairs, otherwise known as ingrown hairs. It is a hair that folds up and grows under the skin, creating a kind of red, inflamed and painful bump. Very often, it is shaving or an unsuitable and poorly performed hair removal technique that is the cause of it in the bikini area or armpits. . Also, it is better to entrust these areas of your teenager to a beautician, who can also explain the basics of hair removal at home. Because if in most cases, the ingrown hair disappears on its own, when it swells and hardens, the intervention of a doctor or dermatologist is necessary, sometimes supplemented by a local antibiotic treatment.

Can you wax before your period?

A question, however, torments some parents about to give in to their daughter's request to have her hair removed: Shouldn't we wait until she has had her period before? No, reassures Nina Roos. ' A teenager can completely wax, even if she has not yet had her menstruation , there is no connection.

At what age should I start using laser or pulsed light?

Regarding so-called permanent hair removal methods such as pulsed light or laser, Nina Roos advises not to test them before having 17 years . The reason ? Before this age, the hairiness is not yet mature enough . 'We still have a hormonal impregnation and new hairs that would be created, harming the effectiveness of these methods' . However, they still represent a certain amount so you might as well wait for it to work. And then, these are all the same acts a little bit sore , the application of a numbing cream is often necessary. Moreover, even after 17 years, to be a good candidate for laser or pulsed light, it is better have black hair and significant body hair. Also, it is better to make an appointment for sessions with a doctor , car 'there are nevertheless contraindications or non-indications'. Also important, choose a specialist with whom the girl feels comfortable , because she will still have to go there several times.