At 43, Fabienne Carat proves that gray hair is trendy

Size hair change for Fabienne Carat: exit the long brown mane and make way for shoulder-length hair with an almost gray coloring, accompanied by a tapered fringe. Check out her new look in photos.

 At 43, Fabienne Carat proves that gray hair is trendy

Fabienne Carat is unrecognizable on her new photos, since she has totally changed her hair look. A bold style that seems to appeal to his fans.

Fabienne Carat's gray hair

It was on her Instagram account that Fabienne Carat unveiled her new head on February 1, 2023. Since we discovered it in the flagship series More beautiful life , the actress sports long brown hair, enhanced by warm highlights. But that was before since the star now wears a totally different look. In the three photos she posted, Fabienne Carat shows herself with medium-length hair, accompanied by a long fringe tapered . As for her hair color, she looks like a 'ash blond “, as we can read on the caption of the publication, which presents cold, almost gray reflections. We also note the darker roots, creating a successful layered effect. This dynamic haircut and this bold coloring allow Fabienne Carat to transform into beauty.

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Fabienne Carat's hair transformations

This is not the first time that Fabienne Carat has surprised with her radical beauty changes. A few weeks ago, Celeste's mom showed up with three different hair styles: mid-length platinum blonde curls, a red-colored fringed square and a raven-black rock short haircut. ' 3 selfies 3 lives 3 ways to be perceived', had written the French 43 years old captioned on Instagram. The advantage of having a fair complexion like Fabienne Carat's is that it goes perfectly with all hair colors. A hair chameleon!