Ashley Graham, 35, proudly shows off stretch marks on her thighs

Without make-up and with stretch marks on her thighs, Ashley Graham assumes natural on her last Instagram post.

 Ashley Graham, 35, proudly shows off stretch marks on her thighs

Ashley Graham embodies the movement body positive with brio. In a few years, she knew how to uninhibit women and break taboos on the female body. And the star model proved it again by posting a photo of her in her underwear on Instagram.

Ashley Graham's visible stretch marks

Ashley Graham regularly shares her curves with pride. Cellulite, stretch marks postpartum, bulges, weight gain... She hides nothing from her 20 million subscribers. This Thursday, January 26, she once again did women good with a new Instagram post. A year after giving birth to her twins, the plus-size supermodel posted three photos of herself in khaki lingerie, where she reveals the stretch marks around her thighs . An uninhibited shot that was unanimous since it was liked by more than 170,000 people in a few hours. Far from the celebrities who hide their imperfections at all costs, Ashley Graham fully assumes them and it feels good!

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Ashley Graham, 100% natural

In this series of photos, the mother of three plays the natural card thoroughly by revealing her face without make-up. She appears there with her hair down, without an ounce of makeup and exposes in passing her luminous complexion. And the least we can say is that with or without make-up, the 35-year-old star has nothing to envy to size zero models. A positive initiative at a time when injunctions around make-up persist.