Ary Abittan case: confronted with his alleged victim, new testimonies revealed and chilling details

Continuation of the Ary Abittan affair. While almost a year ago, the comedian was indicted for rape and placed under judicial supervision, on Wednesday, October 12, the comedian was finally confronted with the complainant, reports the JDD. In addition, two new testimonies from women were added to the file.

  Ary Abittan case: confronted with his alleged victim, new testimonies revealed and chilling details

[Updated Monday, October 17, 2022 at 6:49 p.m.] In October 2021, Ary Abittan, 48, was indicted and placed under judicial supervision for acts of rape . The complaint had been filed the day before by a 23-year-old young woman who claimed to have had sexual relations with the actor, but he had imposed on her ' non-consensual sexual practices '. Twelve months later, Ary Abittan and the complainant confronted each other in the office of the investigating judge . ' The face to face lasted more than five hours ', reports the JDD .

Several bodily injuries found on the alleged victim

During this confrontation, the two parties were able to share their vision of the facts. According to JDD Still, the alleged victim reported having had ' a first sexual intercourse with his partner, then a second during which he would have imposed an act of sodomy on her. According to his statements, she would have clearly expressed her disagreement at the time of the facts 'Following the filing of a complaint, the victim noted ' several bodily injuries to his private parts by a doctor from a medico-judicial unit (UMJ). She also suffers from severe post-traumatic repercussions ', reports the JDD .

I consume, but always in an authentic and true way

For his part, Ary Abittan maintained his version of the facts assuring that he had consensual sex. ' I have always been considerate with women, attentive. I have always been a generous boy with women. I consume, but always in an authentic and true way “, he would have assured the magistrate in charge of the investigation.

Two new damning testimonies

Two new testimonies come to overwhelm the actor. The first is that of an actress who recounted events that occurred during a film shoot. ' He had laughing eyes. He touched me everywhere, it looked like he had a thousand hands, the breasts obviously, the arms, I had the effect of a centipede on me ' , she would have remembered. Pushed back by the actress, Ary Abittan would then have got carried away, going well beyond the limits. ' Yeah ok zero humor we're going to have fun with you, bitch ', he allegedly told her.

The second testimony dates back to 2017. A young woman would have met the actor on his birthday. She would then have gone to his house to drink a coffee but he would have immediately kissed her on the mouth. ' And at the same time, he put his hand in my pants. I pulled away from him and told him it was going too fast for me, it wasn't what I wanted ', she related. In addition to her eagerness, the young woman would have drawn attention to the strange attitude of the comedian. ' He told me he had obsessive compulsive disorder and that his life was complicated. He had a behavior that is not that of someone normal, he behaved like a child who can not manage his frustration “, she told the police.

Ary Abittan indicted for rape, he leads a discreet life

As a reminder, Ary Abittan was indicted for rape in November 2021 . After a brief police custody, he was able to regain his freedom pending trial; if convicted, actor faces up to 15 years in prison . For months, he has been blacklisted from show business, all his projects have fallen through and he has been forced to move to a new apartment in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. Now recluse with his loved ones, he would be ' in shock, devastated, stunned in a very fragile state ', according to information from Paris Match . He must, however, check in every week at the police station '.

Ary Abittan: the accuser described by her ex

The actor is, at the latest news, currently in a relationship with a woman named Sarah-Line , also involved in Handsaway, an association fighting against sexual violence and sexist. As for the accuser, a young woman of 23, who wished to remain anonymous, she was described as ' modest, introverted or even prudish ' about her ex-boyfriend , when he was questioned by the investigators, reports Paris Match . As a reminder, the young woman and the actor had been dating since September 2021, then maintaining an affair.

Ary Abittan, already other women have testified

In the weekly, other women spoke out to denounce the behavior that Ary Abittan allegedly showed in the past. Among them, a forty-year-old says that, during an evening at the actor's, he would have ' kissed on the mouth without knowing her '.

A few days later, the actor would have invited her to his home. ' He barely spoke to me, circled around me: 'I like what I see'. Ten minutes later, he kissed me without delicacy and roughly fiddled with my sex . I didn't understand what was going on. He took my mere presence as a consent “, she told Paris Match .

The forties would then ' pushed back 'the advances of the actor, who would then have launched a' mean look '.' I tried to argue, but he went to fold his laundry. I felt like cattle, kinda dirty, dumb . I left, he didn't have a kind word, on the contrary, he was denigrating. No regrets, no apologies “, she lamented.

Ary Abittan: a 'double personality'

A former conquest of the actor also assured that he had a ' double personality ' 'and one ' need for recognition and monstrous love '.' In the closed door of a bedroom, Abittan proves to be insistent, manic and raw “, she explained to Paris Match , before detailing: ' The problem with Ary is that he assumes everything is taken for granted when you agree to come over for coffee or respond politely to his smile. '.