Arrow tattoo: meaning and ideas

An essential motif in the world of tattooing, the arrow has seduced men and women, novices and aficionados, because this versatile design knows how to adapt to our desires and has beautiful meanings. Explanations.

  Arrow tattoo: meaning and ideas

What are the meanings of the arrow tattoo?

Whatever form it takes, the arrow tattoo always catches the eye when seen. This is precisely because he knows how to take on different aspects depending on the desired result. We can thus prefer a small arrow pattern, with a fairly fine line, for a first tattoo that we want discreet, or a more elaborate design for a larger tattoo, on a larger part of the body.

In any case, an arrow tattoo will represent a desire to always move forward , despite the obstacles that we inevitably find on our way. A certain thirst for freedom, which can moreover be reinforced by the presence of a feather, or a new start in life , signified by the association of a compass with the arrow, be it a new romantic relationship or a complete life change. Also ideal as couple tattoo , the arrow, combined with a bow or a heart, will represent endless passionate love. With several crossed arrows, this tattoo can then symbolize particularly strong family or friendly ties.

Which arrow tattoo designs?

But the arrow tattoo possibilities don't stop there! You can also choose an old school American pattern in color with a heart and a banner in which you will write initials or a first name, for example. But maybe a geometric arrow very refined will seduce you more, with a small sentence like a motto written below.
More masculine, an Indian arrow, associated or not with a shamanic feather, with a diamond point, will show a certain perseverance in the face of trying times during a lifetime. Nothing also prevents you from adding other patterns that you appreciate for their visual and/or their meaning, such as a dream Catcher which can hang on the arrow or even a mandala located at the base or in the middle of the arrow. Everything is possible !
Another idea for an arrow tattoo: use this design to form the infinity symbol and incorporate at the same time a heart, a flight of birds or even a first name depending on the message you wish to convey.

Where to place his arrow tattoo?

The placement of your arrow tattoo will of course depend on its size and the intricacy of the design. A small arrow tattoo will find its place perfectly on the wrist , bracelet or not, along a finger, on the ankle , on the collarbone, on the ribs or even on the nape of the neck.
A larger design will express itself better on the forearm, the arm or even the upper back. You choose !