Arielle Dombasle, this (very) luxurious habit that she requires of her domestic workers

A member of 'Big Heads' on RTL since 2016, Arielle Dombasle responds to her comrades every day. Teased by the master of ceremonies Laurent Ruquier, the wife of Bernard-Henry Lévy indulged in a funny secret. The singer spoke of a luxurious habit that she demands of her employees…

  Arielle Dombasle, this (very) luxurious habit that'elle exige de ses employés de maison

Every afternoon on RTL, the team of Big heads meets at Laurent Ruquier . Around the table, Arielle Dombasle, 69, does not hesitate to talk about her private life without language. If some confidences are tender, others may seem incongruous. What a lot to amuse his comrades. Like the day she mentioned one of his luxurious habits in full live. While Arielle Dombasle admitted to having a driver' very well paid ', Christine Bravo called her to offer her services. ' You don't have a little job for me' , she threw at him. It must be said that the star of An Indian in the city has house staff...

Arielle Dombasle fan of house staff

With humor, the singer and actress did not disassemble and offered him an amazing task. ' Are you comfortable with laundry? “, she let go. But disappointed by the proposal, Christine Bravo alludes to the light clothes of the former magazine leader. ' If I have to wash 3 thongs and you pay me 5000 bucks ', she had fun. But it was without counting on Arielle Dombasle's unexpected revelations about her amount of detergent every day... The star, who recently released Barbiconic , the second single from his new album ( Iconics expected fall) made a secret.

Arielle Dombasle, a woman of habits

' At home we change the sheets every day ' , she dropped in the face of the chroniclers taken aback, since it is usually a practice reserved for hotels. Before insisting: It's a luxury and it's wonderful!' A luxury, the star is right since with the rising cost of living, it is clearly not within the reach of all budgets to multiply the machines to constantly have clean sheets. Very amused, Laurent Ruquier immediately added: ' When you don't do it yourself!'. In the general good mood, Arielle Dombasle thus evoked her bedtime ritual, a moment that she particularly cherishes. ' When you lay your face on the pillow, its softness is a moment of voluptuousness. You must not deprive yourself of it ', concluded BHL's wife.

If Arielle Dombasle can afford this luxurious eccentricity, it's because she has the means. If it is difficult to know exactly the amount of her fortune, we know that she lives very well since in The Big Heads she revealed living in an apartment overlooking the windows of the Elysée in the chic 8th arrondissement of the capital…