Ariane died 3 years ago: tribute IN IMAGES to the star of Club Dorothée

It's been three years since Ariane Carletti died at the age of 61 from generalized cancer. Dorothy's famous sidekick has enchanted '90s kids for over a decade. Back in pictures on his unforgettable adventures at Club Do ', his life as the wife of a Muscular man and a beloved mother...

His good humor lit up the homes and eyes of millions of 90s kids. But for the past three years, Ariane Carletti , illustrious member of the Dorothee Club , is not anymore. She died on September 3, 2019 at age 61 and succumbed to cancer. ' Actress, producer and television host, Ariane Carletti has devoted her entire life to performing arts and to others. She will leave a huge void in the hearts of her family, her friends and all those who had the chance to cross her path. “, had sadly taught us his family in a press release.

Jean-Luc Azoulay, producer of Club Dorothée, also reacted to the sinister news, with 20 Minutes : 'She had been battling the disease for several years and we thought she was going to be able to escape it all but alas, she is gone.'

As for her friend Dorothy , she emotionally told the Parisian : ' I will keep in mind all these years of complicity, emotions, tenderness, great moments and adventures spent together. Ariadne was a bubbly and so brave woman .'

Ariane's death: her daughter's tribute

Her daughter, Eleonore Sarrazin , also confided in the death of his mother , shortly after the sad announcement. ' She fought like a lioness. She was super brave. My mother faced mountains that were huge. She climbed them one after the other. It's just that the last one was a bit too rough . She left surrounded by a lot of love “, she had explained to the Parisian , tears in his eyes.

For her first Mother's Day without hers by her side, she gave her paid tribute , on Instagram, on June 7, by posting a photo on which she appears, as a baby, in the arms of her mother. ' I would have served your breakfast in bed. Happy birthday to all mothers “, she wrote in the caption.

Death of Ariane from Club Dorothée: her screen debut

How can we forget the mischievous gaze and the huge smile of Dorothy's companion ? The young woman hosted the famous children's show for more than 10 years alongside her friend.

But before being at the pinnacle of his glory with the Club Dorothee, the daughter of director Raoul André and actress Louise Carletti made her stage debut in September 1977 in The Tube , by Francoise Dorin. For nearly 8 years, Ariane Carletti proves her acting talent in the theater , notably in many classics such as And Cid , by Corneille, or Deceits of Scapin , by Moliere.

It was in 1980 that fate knocked on the door: she was contacted to replace Dorothée on the show Recré A2 , at the time broadcast on Antenna 2 . Very quickly, the current passes and its charm operates: Ariane joins the team of the children's program. She forms a solid friendship with Dorothée. Together, the companions form a powerful duo, appreciated by children and known to all playgrounds.

Death of Ariane: The Crazy Adventure of Club Dorothée

In 1987, when the sympathetic blonde was asked to host the Dorothee Club on TF1 , this one willingly embarks the sparkling brunette in the adventure. The success is unanimous: the program sometimes occupies nearly 22 hours of air time on the first channel.

Ariane Carletti even sings several credits of Club Do' cartoons, such as Dragon Ball Z , The Care Bears or Yakari . Despite everything, the group of friends (also composed of Jacky, Corbier and Patrick) does not escape certain criticisms: ' It was the Club Dorothée and not the Club of 5! (laughs) It was mainly Dorothée who was injured. We said we were a debilitating program because we were throwing cream pies… But it was a children's show. We do it today in adult shows! We worked a lot… But it wasn't the gulag either “, she confided to the site Video Info .

It is also within the Dorothee Club that Ariane Carletti finds love in the person of Rémy Sarrazin , bassist of Muscular . From their union, the 25-year-old actress Eléonore Sarrazin was born, who notably starred in More beautiful life , and Tristan, 30, an event contractor.

Death of Ariane from Club Dorothée: the end of an era

Ten years later, the curtain comes down and it's the end of the Dorothee Club . The hearts of millions of fans are broken, but not that of Ariane, who told MFM: ' I rather experienced it as a kind of rest. It was super fast. There was a time when we all lived together. We almost lived in a sect '.

Especially since the actress does not have time to be unemployed: she sets up her own production company with her husband Rémy Sarrazin, Tinore, and signs the two albums of the former star of First Kisses , Anthony Dupray. Then, she became artistic producer of the JLA Productions group, in charge of several series such as The Flamboyants .

In 2014, she produced the play Summer scenes for young people in swimsuits , by Christophe Botti, in which his daughter has a nice role. One of the ultimate projects of the playful Ariane who joined the paradise of TV stars his deceased Club Do' companions: Raspberry, René and Corbier...