Are Thierry Neuvic and his ex-girlfriend Jenifer still on good terms?

Thierry Neuvic, whom you can find in the new series 'La Maison d'en Face', the first episode of which is broadcast this September 20, 2022 on M6, had a beautiful love story with Jenifer. But have the 40-year-old singer and the 52-year-old actor remained on good terms?

  Are Thierry Neuvic and his ex-girlfriend Jenifer still on good terms?

Thierry Neuvic , who appears in the first episode of the new series The House Opposite - which deals with swinging - , this September 20, 2022 on M6. lived a beautiful romance with the famous singer Jenifer , from 2013 to 2016. Both had met on the set of the film The Francises , directed by Fabrice Begotti, in which the singer had starred. However, at the time of their meeting, the interpreter of Turn My Page hardly expected to find love when she accepted the role of Laetitia in the feature film. ' My Corsican girlfriends told me: 'You're going to shoot with Thierry Neuvic!' Me, it was neither hot nor cold. Besides, I wasn't in the mood to meet someone “, she confided to TV Star . But the stars have aligned... and a love story was born !

Thierry Neuvic, 'the man of her life'?

' C It happened one thing leading to another, we never left each other. Everything was so obvious ', she detailed. Together they became parents of a son Joseph, born August 2014 . In 2015, Jennifer even ensured with TV Star that Thierry Neuvic was ' the man of her life “. To the angels, the singer had added: “ It's not a simple meeting, it's love, the real one, the only one '. She had even declared about him, to Current wife , that he was a ' excellent dad, a dad like there are few 'and that she had it' well chosen '.

Are Thierry Neuvic and Jenifer on good terms?

But time has passed and their romance has not resisted the small daily constraints. The former lovebirds separated in 2016. If Jenifer then found love in the arms of Ambroise Fieschi, a Corsican entrepreneur whom she married in 2019 and with whom she gave birth to a little Juvanni in May 2021, Thierry Neuvic, he has not formalized a relationship since the end of his story with the singer. Despite everything, did Joseph's parents remain on good terms?

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Visibly, the former lovers held no grudges and continue to raise their son together smoothly. In November 2018, Jenifer confided in Paris Match on the education of his sons, Aaron, born of his former love with the musician Maxim Nucci, alias Yodelice, and Joseph, the son of Thierry Neuvic. “It requires a real organization. I'm really helped by their fathers ', she had explained. ' Without them, without my family, I could never have held on ', she added.

Jenifer, happy mom

Jenifer is now a fulfilled mother and proclaims it loud and clear in her new song about motherhood , Waiting , one of the titles of his last album baptized N°9 . ' Motherhood helped me channel certain energies at the right time, it made me grow all at once. And it gave me a lot of love, strength and conviction... It develops a lot of things “, she had dropped at the microphone of Sud Radio.

Thierry Neuvic, star of a series on swinging

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On September 20, the general public will therefore be able to discover The house opposite , program broadcast on M6. The pitch? ' Ève and Yanis, parents of a one-month-old baby girl, move into their new suburban house, looking for a fresh start. But one evening, following a tragic accident, their baby dies suddenly. t', relates the site of M6. But the story will know various twists, in particular when the neighbors of Eve and Yanis confide that they practice swinging and that they are interested in them...