Arabic boy names: find a beautiful first name of Muslim origin

Are you expecting a baby and want to give it an Arabic name? Here are the most beautiful Muslim names for a baby boy.

  Arabic boy names: find a beautiful first name'origine musulmane

Arabic names always have a literal meaning. They refer to history, religion, influential people, nature,... Muslim names for a baby boy are very numerous , and while there are many classics, there are also more original, even rare. If you are looking to name your son in a way that describes his personality, his position in his siblings or even in connection with the season in which he will be born: follow our guides to most beautiful arabic baby boy names .

What rare Arabic name to give to a boy?

Inspired by the classics, but more modern, with a revisited spelling, rare arabic names for boys are many. Shady, Shade, Ady ou encore Shems are good examples of uncommon first names, which have their origins in the Arabic language. We also find Ihsan or Chams , in the list of original first names muslims for boy . Haroun, which means 'man of heart' is also rare, just like Zayn, which can also be written Zayn , which means 'grace' in Arabic.

The top Arabic and Muslim names for men

here are the 30 first names of Arabic origin most given in France last year:

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Modern Arabic and Muslim baby boy names

Some Arabic first names are classics, they are linked to traditions, to characters who have marked history, or to the Koran. Others are more modern, like the first name Hadi , which means 'the guide'. Sami, which means 'his name is god', is also a rather modern first name, just like Sabry, Anis, Idir or encore Camil. First name Badr, or Noah , which refers to the notion of pleasure, is a modern first name for a boy. If you want to name your baby boy with originality and modernity, you can choose Kamal, Younès, Waël, Zaïdi, Sami or even Lounès , which means 'companion of fortune'.

What are the male Arabic names inspired by Islam and the Koran?

In the list of first names inspired by history and the Muslim religion, we necessarily think of Ilius , which comes from Elijah, having been a prophet, born in 927 BC. Of course there is Mahomet , from the name of the prophet, but also Abu Lahab , who was an uncle of his and a sworn enemy. Allah, which means God, is an Islamic-inspired boy name, just like Azrael, Haman, Agar or even Canaan, fourth son of the prophet Noah and his wife Nahama. The latter had three brothers, which are also classic Muslim names for a boy: Shem, Ham and Japheth. Ibrahim is also a name related to the prophet, inspired by Islam therefore. First name Moussa is also a must muslim religion to name a baby boy , as Isaiah which means 'God is deliverance'.

Ideas of old Arabic names for a boy

In the list of ancient arabic names, traditional, we find of course Muhammad , from the name of the prophet. But also those of his sons, Al-Qasim, Tahir, Tayyib, or encore Ibrahim. First names Abad or Abadi are classics, they mean 'devout worshipper'. For a very long time, little boys have been called with ancient Arabic first names: Jamel, Mohamed, Sofiane, Yassine, Othmane. One of the oldest names is Solomon , which can also be written Suleiman, evoking Suleiman the Magnificent, a former sultan of the Ottoman Empire, who lived in the 16th century. He was the son of a man whose first name is also a reference: Selim, which can also be spelled Salim. Boubacar and Saddam are also essential in terms of historical first names of Arabic origin .

Which Arabic boy names 'sound French'?

There are Arabic first names that evoke French, which are also very popular with families in France. We think, for example, of camil , which has an equivalent in French, Camille, assigned to both boys and girls. Sami is also a first name that is bilingual, just like Anise , which means 'a good companion' in Arabic and which happens to be the name of an aromatic in French. Hey is also considered an Arabic first name that sounds French, because we find under another spelling similar names: Eddy, Edie. There is also Adele, which exists in both languages: Adel, can be written like this for a boy, or Adèle for a girl. You can also opt for the first names Naël, Elouan, Ilian, or even Djim.

Arabic and Muslim names for boys by letter:

in a

If you want to call your little boy with an Arabic first name starting with the letter A, you can opt for Anis, Amir, Amadou, Aboubacar, Abraham, Adamo, Asim, Adèl, Abdulla, Adel, Adil, Amar, Ahmed, Amin(e), Amjad, Anas, Aylan, Aymane, Aziz, Ayoub, Anwar, Abdurrahman.

in S

If you are looking for an Arabic baby boy name in S, you have the choice between Soliman, Sami or Samy, Sekou, Sharif, Sulayman, Saleh, Selim or Salim, Safa, Saddam, Saad, Sabri, Sahel, Said, Salem, Samir, Sidi, Soan, Sofian, Sohan, Soufiane.

In M

Would you like a first name in 'm' of Muslim origin for your future boy? There is Merwan, Maissa, Musa, Medhi, Mahdi, Mazin, Mustafa, Meli, Mohamed, Muhammad, Maher, Marwan, Mansour, Mehmet, Merwan, Messaoud, Miloud, Morad, Muhammed, Moussa.

in N

If you want to find a first name in N for your son, why not choose Nadim, Nadir, Nell, Nail, Noham, Nacim, Nagib, Nabil, Nacer, Nadjim, Naël, Nahil, Naïm, Nasser, Nassim, Nore, Nourredine or even Nahim?

in Y

Among the Arabic names for boys in Y, one thinks of course of Younes (Youness), Youcef (Youssef or Youssouf), Yamine, Yliès, Youssef, Lana, Yassine or Yacine, Youssouf, Yazid, but also Yasser, Yazid, and Yahya.

An R

In the library of Arabic names for a baby boy starting with the letter R, the choice is also wide: Rachid, Rafik, Rim, Rouba, Rayan, Rami, Rahmatoullah, Rahaf, Rashed, Rabah, Rabeh, Ridwan, Rabah, Rafik, Ramzi, Réda, Redouane, Riyad or Ryad.