Anouk Aimée turns 90: Real Name, 3 Marriages and (very) famous lovers, Claude Lelouch...

Anouk Aimée is celebrating her 90th birthday on April 29... The actress who made millions of souls dream in 'A Man and A Woman' was married three times (and loved Warren Beatty, Omar Sharif, Elie Chouraqui ...), had a difficult childhood during the Second World War, learned to ski with Roger Vadim. What you didn't know about the actress, Beloved by all.

  Anouk Aimée turns 90: Real Name, 3 Marriages and (very) famous lovers, Claude Lelouch...

It's almost impossible to say his name without hearing the melody humming in his mind.' Chabadabada, Chabadabada '. Anouk Aimée, born April 27, 1932 in Paris, has just celebrated her 89th birthday .
The actress, who insists on the fact that she did not choose the cinema, but that the cinema chose her, left her mark on the seventh art forever. His real name , his childhood upset by the Second World War, the origin of his pseudonym , his three marriages , his romances with celebrities, his links with Claude Lelouch ... Secrets of an actress who is both discreet and undeniably charismatic.

Anouk Aimée: her real name is Nicole Françoise Judith Dreyfus

– His real (full) name is Nicole Françoise Judith Dreyfus. She is the daughter of actor Henry Murray, born Henry Dreyfus, and Genviève Durand.

- During the Second World War, she called herself Francoise Durand, named after her mother, and was sent to Barbezieux-Saint-Hilaire, in the Charente, in order to escape the raids and the wearing of the yellow star.

- She grew up with her godfather and godmother, Suzanne and Pierre Gaillard, at the Picauderie's disease .

Anouk Aimée: the love of animals

- ' It is from this period that dates my love for animals . Today I have a dog and four chats , I can't have a donkey since I live in an apartment. Animals are a real passion in my life “, she had revealed to South West, in 2012.

- At the beginning of adolescence, she studied at a boarding school in Morzine and there met Roger Vadim . ' It is even he who taught me to ski “, she confided to Thierry Ardisson, in Everybody talks about it .

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Dancer, Pharmacist... or Actress?

- Rather than the film sets, it's the shoes of dance that the girl constantly thinks about. Anouk Aimée would have liked to become dancer or even pharmacist . But fate sometimes plays funny tricks...

- At only 14 years old, she is spotted by the director Henri Calef, while she is seated at a restaurant, rue du Colisée, with her mother. ' Would you like to make movies? ', he asks the teenager.

At first hesitant, she finally accepts this exceptional offer on the advice of her mother, who knows how rare these opportunities are. He offers her her first film role in The House Under the Sea . She plays the character of Anouk there.

- On the advice of Jacques Prevert , she changes her stage name to call herself the name of the first character she played, anouk , et and juxtapose him surname 'Aimee'.

Anouk Aimee and Nico Papatakis

- On the Côte d'Azur, it makes the rencontre by Nico Papatakis , boss of literary cabaret La Rose Rouge in Saint-Germain-des-Pres. Immediately conquered by her charm, he tries to seduce her by making her meet Picasso and Jean Genet . They finally married in 1951 and their union lasted 7 years. Together they give birth to Manuela , now 70 years old.

- In 1952, Anouk Aimée was invited to the wedding of Brigitte Bardot and Roger Vadim .

- Then, she interprets the role of Lola , for the director Jacques Demy , in the film of the same name. Before filming, the producers oppose his participation to the feature film, arguing that she is ' not sexy enough '. But Jacques Demy leaves them little choice. It will be Anouk Aimée, and no one else...

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A Man and A Woman by Claude Lelouch

- In 1966, his career took a completely different turn. His role alongside Jean-Louis Trintignant in the mythical A man and a woman , of Claude Lelouch , earned her a Golden Globe for best dramatic actress. She is also Oscar nominee . Enough to propel his career internationally.

- It's first Romy Schneider who is approached by Claude Lelouch to play in his cult film. But the actress and the director not having the same vision on this feature film, it is finally Anouk Aimée who is chosen by the filmmaker.

A wedding in music with Pierre Barouh...

- On the set of the film, she meets the songwriter and actor Pierre Barouh , They get married quickly and divorce three years later , in 1969.

Anouk Aimée and Claude Lelouch on the photocall of The Most Beautiful Years of a Life, May 19.

- Contrary to certain rumors which lend him a Romance with Claude Lelouch , Anouk Aimée dotted the i's, in SHE : ' I never had love affair with Claude ' .

...Then with Albert Finney

- She married the British actor a year later Albert Finney . They divorced in 1978. For seven years, she put her career on hold to stay by his side in London. ' I wanted to live a woman's life, married woman's life “, she confided to Release .

- In 2019, she turns again alongside Jean-Louis Trintignant for the suite du film culte de Claude Lelouch , The Best Years of a Life.

'A man and a woman bound us forever . It's not just a movie story. We are welded by impalpable and invisible things until the end', she explained to JDD .

- Outside of her three marriages, the actress has had many romances and romances with famous personalities, such as the actor Warren Beatty, Omar Sharif, Maurice Ronet , but also Elie Chouraqui .