Anny Duperey, not a Belmondo fan? 'The current did not pass'

Were Anny Duperey and Jean-Paul Belmondo really friends? The 75-year-old actress weighs in on her relationship with Bébel, which was far from looking good...

 Anny Duperey, country fan of Belmondo? 'Le courant n'est pas passé"

It's been a year since John Paul Belmondo left this world . During his career, the actor has rubbed shoulders with the greatest of French cinema, but has not always been unanimous. Anna Duperey , who played opposite Bébel in the film Stavisky , by Alain Resnais, does not have good memories of his collaboration with the Magnificent. ' I must admit that the current did not pass between us “, confided the actress of 75 years in Pocket TV .

Anny Duperey: why she 'scared' Belmondo

And for good reason, at the time of filming, Anny Duperey was an independent and confident actress. ' Jean-Paul was in his booming era and he had a somewhat misogynistic relationship with women , which was not my cup of tea (...) He liked cushion women , to say the least. However, I was a very free girl, not at all 'submissive doll' and that must have pissed her off. To tell you the truth, I must have been the type of woman who scared him “, she explained.

However, this enmity did not last. A few years later, Anny Duperey and Bébel have buried the hatchet and are even became friends . ' I went to see him and told him how dumb we were on Stavisky, that it was a shame it didn't catch on “, remembered the actress.