Annie Grégorio is 65 years old: Fallout with Muriel Robin, PBLV, Health concerns, Michaël Grégorio...

Annie Grégorio turns 65! Did you know that she dreamed of being a hairdresser and that Plus Belle La Vie 'saved her life'? By the way, is she related to Michaël Grégorio? Secrets of the discreet, but sympathetic actress...

  Annie Grégorio is 65 years old: Fallout with Muriel Robin, PBLV, Health concerns, Michaël Grégorio...

Annie Grégorio celebrated her 65th birthday on April 14, 2022 . Actress both funny and humble, the well-known French actress confides (very) rarely in her personal life, but ' don't consider yourself a star ', as she confided to the YouTube channel Sos Movies TV . Are childhood , are friendship with Muriel Robin , its role in More beautiful life , its connection with Michael Gregorio ... Find out everything you didn't know about Annie Grégorio!

Annie Grégorio: her parents fled a dictatorship

Annie Grégorio was born on April 14, 1957, in Lot-et-Garonne. She is raised by a spanish father and an italian mother , who emigrated to France to escape the dictatorship of General Franco.

Annie Grégorio: Her First TV Appearance

In the early 80s, she joined the Baladins theater group , but it is in the Bouvard Theater , on the second channel, that she became known mainly to the general public, from 1982.

Annie Grégorio, multi-awarded

Named four times to Molieres , she twice won the prize for best actress in a supporting role, in 2002 in the play Animal Free Theater , and in 2005 for the play Upper Museum, Lower Museum , both by Jean-Michel Ribes.

Is Annie Grégorio related to Michaël Grégorio?

Is Annie Grégorio related to Michael Gregorio ? Despite sharing the same last name, the actress and comedian have never no family relationship !

Annie Grégorio, angry with Muriel Robin?

If Annie Grégorio was the faithful friend of Muriel Robin for many years, this relationship seems to have come to an end if we are to believe the statements of this one. ' We do not talk anymore, it's a 35 year old friendship that ends “, had declared the companion of Anne Le Nen in We are not in bed in 2015.

But no resentment remains between the old accomplices. ' I can only say good things about her. She's the woman I've laughed the most with in my life. “, assured Annie Grégorio to TV Star . And to add: ' She has me much supported and financially assisted '.

Annie Grégorio: PBLV 'saved her life'

Annie Grégorio is also known to younger generations for her role as Claire Richet in More beautiful life , in which she has been appearing since 2018.” Plus Belle La Vie saved my life . This role proposal came at a time when I had no more commitments. “, she confided to TV Star .

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Annie Grégorio, close to...

If Annie Grégorio hardly confides in her private life, it seems that she is sometimes seen in the company of Thierry Pajot , at official events.

Pub and Health Glitches

Recently, Annie Grégorio appeared in an advertisement for the brand of Revitive circulatory stimulators . ' My legs started to really hurt, I had difficulty walking. When you're in pain, it's hard to concentrate on the text, as an actress, it was really very painful for me . It's a job that requires a lot of energy. “, she confided in an advertising video of the brand.

Annie Grégorio: if she hadn't been an actress...

If she hadn't been an actress, Annie Grégorio would have been hairdresser or Spanish teacher , she told the channel YouTube Sos Movies TV .