Anne Sinclair, madly in love: rare secrets about her couple, her age and her declining health...

At 74, Anne Sinclair is fulfilled. In love, the former wife of DSK poured out on her romance and her youth found with the magazine “ELLE”… but also revealed her health problems.

  Anne Sinclair, madly in love: rare secrets about her couple, her age and her declining health...

Anne Sinclair is finally happy and in love! After her stormy divorce with DSK, several years ago the journalist found love in the arms of the 90-year-old historian, Nora Stone . At 74, the ex-wife of DSK does not refrain from crunching life to the fullest. ' I finally savor the delights of a shared love (...) Life smiles even after 70 years, women know it, society too, which gallops far ahead of the clichés with which we are showered “, she confided in the SHE of October 6, 2022. About her last love, Anne Sinclair had declared to Paris Match , a few years earlier: 'He is a historian (...) I like to enter his universe . And we share a common interest in many subjects, books, art, music, ideas, cinema, good bistros, the spirit of the times. That's called getting along with someone, isn't it?'

Anne Sinclair, septuagenarian: 'We still have life ahead of us'

Anne Sinclair knows that every season of life has its joys. From now on, the journalist appreciates the ' complicity and hugs reserved for grandmothers ', ' the voluptuousness of a summer light or an unknown concerto by Haydn ' or ' exchanges with friends on what we never had time to say to each other “, she assured the SHE .

For the companion of Pierre Nora, 16 years his junior, it is enough to free himself from the dictates of certain media and seize the day, regardless of his age. ' Gone is the society that still intimates us to be young, thin, blonde, watching for homage! It is in the media that this old model continues. At over 70, even if we have always refused the mirages of Botox or cosmetic surgery, we still have life ahead of us and a thousand happiness , as long as we can taste them without the pangs of a poor retirement or the sorrows of illness “, she told the SHE .

Does Anne Sinclair fear old age?

Despite this unfailing optimism and this desire to lead her life as she sees fit, the former host of the cult show 7 out of 7 knows that some things are beyond our control. ' Sure, I take care of my fragile back, I climb the stairs less quickly, I have nostalgia for the years when time bent at will “, she confided. And to add: “ I'm getting old. I more or less accept it , depending on the day, by measuring the acceleration of the hourglass. I fear, like everyone else, the disabling or degrading attack of the body or the spirit, and surprise myself to identify my memory failures '.