Anne Parillaud is 62: Love with Delon, Jarre and Besson, Glory with Nikita, Kiss with Madonna...

Anne Parillaud celebrates her 62nd birthday on May 6. The incest she suffered, her romance with Alain Delon, her marriage to Jean-Michel Jarre, her daughter Juliette with Luc Besson, her children Lou and Théo, her kiss with Madonna, her erotic film... Secrets of a talented and enigmatic actress.

  Anne Parillaud is 62: Love with Delon, Jarre and Besson, Glory with Nikita, Kiss with Madonna...

Anne Parillaud was born on May 6, 1960 in Paris. The actress, who was inspired by l' incest that she suffered from her father to write her new novel, was often in a relationship with ' pygmalions ', certainly because of his heavy past. Despite his difficult childhood and the ' denial ' in which she was immersed, the actress managed to carry out a brilliant film career , including internationally, and has even toured with Leonardo Dicaprio . His romances with Luc Besson, Jean-Michel Jarre, Alain Delon , his children, his triumph, his fuck with Madonna , are erotic movie ...Secrets of a hypnotic icon.

- Anne Parillaud is the daughter of astrologer and a dietitian .

- Her childhood dream? Become lawyer . But his destiny takes a completely different turn when his mother enrolls him in acting classes to improve his diction.

Anne Parillaud, victim of incest

- She is victim of incest by his father, in his childhood. Anne Parillaud choose ' first of all ' to stay in the total denial ', then ends up, little by little, by facing the terrible truth. As a child, she is ' very close 'of her father. So much so that she would never have thought that their complicity could be' associated with an act of incest ', according to his confidences to Paris Match .

- She was inspired by this heavy past to write her roman The Abused , released in April 2021.

- At 16 years old, Anne Parillaud leaves the family home to settle down with a man. ' Who lets their daughter do that? I left with a man much older than me. In fact, I was looking for a father “, she recalled in Paris Match .

- At 17, she is spotted by actor and director Jacques Weber and obtains a small role in the film of Christian Lara, A Love Of Sand .

- In 1981, at the age of 21, she appeared in the erotic movie austro-spanish Patricia, A Journey For Love , by Hubert Frank.

Anne Parillaud, in a relationship with Alain Delon

- Then, Alain Delon hires him for his films For the skin of a cop and The fighter . Both fall in love, and live a romance despite their 24 year difference.

- Taken under the wing of the Cheetah, Anne Parillaud grows rapidly. A little too quickly. ' When he hired me for his films, I wasn't the age of the characters, and he absolutely wanted me to look like a woman when I was just coming out of my teens “, she recalled in C to you .

Anne Parillaud, mother of Juliette with Luc Besson

- In 1987, e Anne Parillaud gives birth to a little juliet , fruit of his love with the filmmaker Luc Besson .

- In 1990, love and international success smiled on him. The actress stars in Nikita , the film written for him by his spouse Luc Besson , and won the César for best actress.

- A few years later, she becomes mother of Lou and Théo , now 21 and 19, born of his romance with the producer Mark Allan ,

Anne Parillaud: her marriage to Jean-Michel Jarre

- In May 2005, she married Jean Michel Jarre . They divorce five years later.

- The men in her life' often had a pygmalion behavior ', while Anne Parillaud had a ' position of admiration and submission “, she said in Paris Match . And to add: ' When over time the student that I was found at the level of the teacher, the rivalry settled, the circle was closed '.

- She doesn't believe in loyalty in the couple. ' It's a wonderful idea, but it's only an idea “, she had dropped in Everybody talks about it .

- One evening at cannes festival , after the screening of the documentary In Bed with Madonna , Madonna proposed to Anne Parillaud to kiss her on the mouth , during a 'Truth or Dare' game. ' It is a danger that she proposed to me, which I found interesting and which resembles her “, told the actress at the microphone of France Inter .

- Anne Parillaud is now in a relationship with a man ' who is neither an artist nor known '.

- His children do not all wish lyre son roman , for which she was inspired by her abused childhood . ' My sons will have this freedom but I will have a discussion with them before (...). Juliette ended up telling me that she wouldn't read. The title destabilized her. Maybe she'll change her mind “, she confided in Paris Match .