Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine is 52 years old: a (very) famous ex, her relationship, her fears... HIS SECRETS

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine turns 52! The opportunity to reveal some amazing anecdotes about the star host, from her love life to her role as a mom…

  Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine is 52 years old: a (very) famous ex, her relationship, her fears... HIS SECRETS

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine has the wind in its sails. The presenter of the show C to you on France 5 since 2017, who turns 52 on July 29 , embodies the success and good humor . Its talk show is one of the most influential in the French audiovisual landscape, thanks to its audiences which very often exceed one million viewers. Here are his secrets...

The latest information on Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine

Feet in Paris, heart in Lorraine

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine was born on July 29, 1970 in Plessis-Trévise (Val-de-Marne). It was in Lorraine that she made her debut as a journalist. She is doing an internship at Lorraine Republican , at the Nancy agency. In a video shot for La Marque Lorraine, she says: ' What I like the most in Lorraine is Thistle , which is the emblem of AS Nancy-Lorraine'. The journalist ensures that at the Lemoines, we support AS Nancy Lorraine and we celebrate Saint-Nicolas with the family!

She is terrified of death

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine lives at 100 miles an hour. But, the facilitator is eaten away by a constant fear of dying . ' This feeling never leaves me ', she says to Paris Match in 2017. Fortunately, her children are there to comfort her: ' It makes me so happy to have two sons! One of them once said to me, 'Don't worry, we'll be there for each other.' Me, I have a visceral need to have my family (...), that's what helps me to bear the fact that, one day, everything will end. '

A feminist leader

For Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, in the virile world of television, a woman must fight. In 2019, she told GQ : ' Yes I am feminist . We have to be, if only to fight against our own self-censorship, those because of which I have long said to myself 'TV is not for me'. Or that, often, I say to myself 'Patrick (Cohen) will know how to ask the questions better than me'. Fortunately, the journalist took some insurance and got her spot as presenter of C to you in 2017. A beautiful model of 100% female success.

His off-air meals

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine is a rather lucky animator. Every evening she receives personalities, with whom she shares a dinner prepared by the chef of the day. If some columnists feast on the antenna, the presenter, yet tempted by good food, does not flinch. ' I don't eat during the show because it's too complicated . I have to stay focused all the time. And since I'm not very good, I'm afraid to put it everywhere . I always explain it to the chef so that he doesn't take offense.' she explains to Entertainment TV .

They are rest fetish

When you ask the host what is her favorite restaurant, she does not just name one. According , the addresses that delight his taste buds are Antonio Ta Certo (Praia do Garrao, Bungavília Plaza Almancil, Portugal), Fontanarosa (28, boulevard Garibaldi, 75015 Paris) and L'Atelier Joel Robuchon (5, rue Montalembert, 75007 Paris). When we love, we don't count...

She wore the same dress as a guest

In September 2014, the bande d' Anne-Sophie Lapix (former presenter of C to you ), received the designer Diane Von Furstenberg . Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, who was a columnist at the time, wore the same dress as the guest . A creation by... Diane Von Fürstenberg! ' So there, of course, I say congratulations, congratulations for the color synchronization! “, had fun Anne-Sophie Lapix.

An overwhelmed mother, helped by her companion

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine is the mother of two boys. Arthur 16 ans , born from a previous union, and Basque, 7 years old , which she had with her current partner, the architect Philippe Coelho . In Paris Match, in 2017, the host opened up about her sometimes difficult pace of life: ' I come home, everyone is in bed. It's hard. But the moments reserved for them are non-negotiable. And I'm lucky to have a man, Philippe, who shares the tasks. '

A role in a hit TV series

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine was approached to shoot in the series Ten percent . But the host, who had a show to run, was unable to free up her schedule and therefore refused the offer.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, elected Woman of the Year

In 2020, she was voted Woman of the Year by magazine TV 7 Days! By learning this happy news , the host, who does not lack humility, did not let her ankles swell. ' The motorbike taxi driver taking me to the photoshoot stops short when he hears the news! I'm flattered , but we remain calm, I am not yet Marianne, who appears in all the town halls “, she told the magazine.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, facing the mental load

And to add: ' I am finally like all women and all mothers. I know the mental load . When I come home in the evening, at 8:45 p.m., my son (Vasco, 7 years old) said to me, from the depths of her bed, 'Oh, mum, you're home early!' Every morning we play a game, the two of us, in bed. It's our time. It's hard sometimes, but I know I'm not the only one '.

Fortunately, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine receives the precious help of his nanny Halima , without whom she could not ' continue to work “, she added in TV 7 Days . During the confinement , the host could count on her.

' Every day, I pay him the taxi and provide him with masks and gel. I refuse that she take the slightest risk (...) My husband manages Vasco courses thanks to Zoom. As for my elder , he goes to my brother, who lives in the countryside. He thinks for a moment that it's Club Med... It's trampoline galore “, she recalled.

His debauched eldest son

Arthur, the eldest son of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, likes to tease his mother. From the height of his 16 years, the young man realized an internship at... Daily , the rival talk-show of C to you presented by Yann Barthes. The host said that every morning, her son takes care to drink his milk tea from his new cup Daily . A rather special atmosphere must float when you wake up!

Former partner of a comedian

Before meeting her husband Philippe Coelho, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine was in a relationship with the comedian Mustapha El Attrassi According Gala , a few months after the start of their idyll, the host would have ended it and brought a complaint against him for assault and battery.