Anggun: PHOTOS de sa fille, son sosie (et DALS fan!)

Anggun, candidate for the new season of 'Dancing With The Stars', can count on the precious support of her daughter in this adventure! The 14-year-old girl, fan of the TF1 show, looks like her mother like two drops of water...

  Anggun: PHOTOS de sa fille, son sosie (and fan of DALS!)

This year, Graceful ignite the dancefloor Dance with the stars for season 12 of the program. And it's thanks to... his daughter! Kirana, 14 years old and born of her former love affair with the novelist Cyril Montana. convinced his famous mother to put aside her fears and participate in the program. ' My 14 year old daughter pissed me off so much I gave in to the pressure and said yes . But I admit that I'm a little scared because I'm not a physical person. I never danced except a little Balinese dancing when I was five or six “, entrusted the 48-year-old singer to TF1, before specifying that her daughter was 'fan of Dancing With The Stars'.

Anggun: his ambition in DALS

The 40-year-old, now married to photographer Christian Kretschmar, has one ambition: to prove that age is just a number. ' I know the contestants are all very young [she will even face ex-judoka David Douillet, editor's note], but I want to show that you can always learn new things, surprise yourself and surpass yourself. I want to give hope to women my age “, she said.

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' I had already been contacted 9 years ago, but I had refused, because I didn't feel capable of it when I was younger ', said the artist, now ready to take up the challenge with a little courage and a lot of support from her daughter!

Anggun and his daughter, his 'mini-me'

Anggun is particularly close to his teenage daughter, who looks like him like two drops of water . Recently, the Indonesian star allows herself to publish photos of the one she calls her ' mini me ', sur son compte Instagram.

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A few months earlier, the interpreter of the tube Snow In The Sahara had made tender confidences about his daughter in the magazine We both : ' Is speak to him only in Indonesian. At home, we speak in English with my husband, who is German. My daughter is educated in France, so she is trilingual. She is very funny, she has a real gift of imitator. I am very proud of her . It's quite disturbing for me, as a mom, to see her grow up. I still think she's my baby when she's a head taller than me '.