Anggun is 48, 'kissed 7 men, married 4' (and criticizes daughter Kirana, 15)

Anggun turns 48 on April 29! The Mask Singer juror is linked to Florent Pagny, was 'very weird at school', set up her own label at 19, worked for Cyril Hanouna, had complexes about her body, married a German for her 4th marriage and is now trying to 'age well'. Find out everything you didn't know about the fascinating artist...

  graceful a 48 ans,"embrassé 7 hommes, en a épousé 4" (et critique sa fille Kirana, 15 ans)

Anggun turns 48 April 29! The charming Indonesian singer with the velvet voice has often enchanted our ears, especially with her songs Be a woman and Snow in the Sahara . Now a juror of the hit TF1 show, Mask Singer , of which a new number is broadcast on the evening of his birthday, the artist continues to shine on our television screens. But do you really know the hypnotic singer, now on the poster of the musical Al Capone with Roberto Alagna and Bruno Pelletier? His strict childhood , its connection with Florent Pagny , his ( four) weddings , his fiasco at Eurovision, his role as coach in The Voice, what her daughter can't do... and other secrets.

Anggun, 'very weird at school'

Anggun Cipta Sasmi , his full name, was born in Indonesia , in Jakarta, in 1974. Her first name means 'graceful dream' in Javanese, the first regional language of Indonesia.

She grows up with parents who give her a relatively strict upbringing . ' I didn't grow up with TV because my father forbade it. We had a lot of books. Of course, I was very weird at school because I did not know the fashionable films. But don't judge yourself by others. “, she confided to Charts In France .

The passion for singing, she feels it from an early age. At 9 years old, the young girl recorded a children's disc . Quickly, she became a popular artist in Indonesia, and grew up under the eyes of her audience. Decidedly very early, Anggun starts his own label at 19 in order to afford the creative freedom she seeks.

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His meeting with Florent Pagny

Full of ambition, the young singer leaves Indonesia and sells his label to embark on an international career. After spending some time in London, she finds herself in Paris... and there meets Florent Pagny ! Thanks to the uncle of his former neighbor, who knows an electrician who repaired the singer (you follow?), Anggun manages to speak with the interpreter of Know how to love . ' I had no idea who it was! I contact him, we make an appointment and I make him listen to my models “, she told Gala .

Won over by Anggun's velvet voice, Florent Pagny introduces him to producer Erick Benzi, who ends up writing an album for him. Bingo! Snow In The Sahara , excerpt from this opus, made a splash in France and the singer is propelled to the front of the stage. As for Florent Pagny, he remains one of his faithful friends .

Anggun worked for Cyril Hanouna

En 2000, Anggun obtains French nationality ... but since dual nationality is not accepted in Indonesia, it loses Indonesian citizenship .

Anggun does his first steps in the cinema in 2009 ...and edited by Claude Lelouch , please! The artist appears in the film those loves .

It's a fiasco at Eurovision

In 2012, she was chosen for to represent France at the Eurovision , in Azerbaijan, with the title Echo (You and I) . Unfortunately, the singer is not ranked only 22nd out of 26. For the artist, defeat is bitter. ' The cronyism , politeness between countries that have slapped each other and who love each other madly today, exists. France has no weight. We did not take the easy road but from there to find ourselves at the bottom of the classification, there is a margin . This is unacceptable ' , she lamented to the Parisian .

A true chameleon, Anggun becomes columnist for Cyril Hanouna's radio show , The feet in the plate , on Europe 1 . Then, she occupies the coach of the Indonesian version of The Voice , in 2018... before joining the juror of Mask Singer from 2019!

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Anggun, married four times: her rant

As for her love life, the singer was married to Michael George of 1992 to 1999, then to Olivier Maury from 2004 to 2006. She then married the novelist Cyril Montana , with whom she had a daughter, Kirana , in 2007. Finally, in 2018, Anggun married the man of her life, the photographer Christian Kretschmar .

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Although she has been married four times, Anggun refuses to be called ' man eater '.' In my life, I kissed seven men and I married four, that is to say. I find it unfair that I am reduced to this. You would never sue a man like that. So no, I'm not a man-eater, no, I don't get tired of those I love. I was probably the victim of my youth, of a kind of bad luck in love “, she confided to Gala .

Anggun: his daughter 'can't sing'

If she wouldn't ban it, Anggun would prefer that his daughter Kirana born in 2007 from his past union with the French novelist Cyril Montana . do not follow in his footsteps. ' I'm happy, she can't sing. She really is a complete pick up, I love it! (Laughs) Then maybe she'll elaborate on that later. But it is very difficult to follow in the footsteps of his parents. She is very artistic in any case. She really likes to draw “, she clarified to Charts In France , in 2018.

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Anggun transmits a rich culture to him. ' I only speak Indonesian to him. At home we talk English with my husband, who is German . (...) My daughter is trilingual. I am very proud to see her grow up with multiple identities that are unique to her. “, explained the singer in We both .

Anggun: 'aging well' and physical complexes

While Anggun is approaching 50 , she is far from being distressed by the passage of time. ' As an Asian, I don't have the same view of age. I try to age elegantly and gracefully . In this world where there is excessive youthism, you have to be proud of your age, of your experiences, of your memory, of what you can “, she confided to We both .

Also, the singer knows that she has advantages that help her age with ease. ' I am very lucky to have genetic inheritance and a healthy quality of life that allows me to age well . It's much more important than trying to stay young “, she added.

Like most women, the artist dragged physical complexes for a long time. But today, she accepts her body and even better, she appreciates it. ' To 20 years old, I was dumb, I didn't even like my body . Finally, today I know why my body is like this. Even my stretch marks are witnesses of my existence. I'm proud to be a woman for this “, specified the juror of Mask Singer, always in We both .