Anemone would have celebrated her 72nd birthday: 'I've regretted all my life having kids...'

Anemone, the unforgettable Thérèse, operator of 'Santa Claus is a Garbage', died in April 2019 following lung cancer. This August 9, this big mouth with a tender heart would have been 72 years old... Illness, Children, 'Money', SOS Distress Friendship: a life of madness IN PHOTOS.

After fighting it fiercely, the actress was defeated by a lung cancer two years after celebrating her 50th career, in April 2019. She is ' I left in a year “, had entrusted his son to the Parisian. And to add: “ It was very hard because she brought me a lot of joie de vivre, I confided in her a lot. But she was sick of illness, of life, of politics, of society. She said she lived well and was leaving with no regrets ',
A golden childhood . Born in Paris on August 9, 1950, Anne Bourguignon (her real name) is the daughter of the psychiatrist André Bourguignon and Claire Justin-Besançon. Raised in the upper Parisian bourgeoisie, the young girl from a good family spent her childhood at Château Mauras, a Gironde family property and attended her schooling in Catholic establishments.

Anne takes her first steps at the Café Théâtre with the troupe Splendid and began his film career at the age of 18 in the film Anemone of Philippe Garrel, which allows him to find his artist name, before playing small roles in the theater. Coluche entrusts him with his first major role in the film You will not have Alsace and Lorraine in 1977, but 5 years later it is her role as Thérèse, a hilarious nunuche who animates a permanence of SOS Amitie in Santa Clause is garbage which brought her into the hearts of the general public. Success what meets the play and then the film ne la met pas plus en joie que cela. ' Notoriety fell on me at top speed. Not only did it make me the prey of the media, but I also felt like a commercial product, which belonged to the corporations. I didn't like it at all ', said in Telerama the outspoken actress in 2017.

A Caesar for The Great Way

Insolent and shameless, Anemone will then turn in several comedies like My wife's name is come back , For a Hundred Bricks, You Have Nothing Left, The American Quarter Hour or The Marriage of the Century . 1987 marks a turning point in his career : Anemone interprets with accuracy and emotion Marcelle who takes a liking to Louis a little Gavroche in the great path directed by Jean-Loup Hubert. His performance, acclaimed by critics and acclaimed by the public, allowed him to obtain the Cesar for Best Actress in 1988.
During the following decade, the actress is much more discreet. She acts in movies Not Very Catholic and Children of Bastard by Tony Marshall, Mom by Romain Goupil or the very successful The Little Prince said by Christine Pascal. Anemone then returns to her first love and goes back on the boards to play in the Miser, Mademoiselle Werner, and The Handkerchief Knots , his last play, in 2017.
In recent years, Anemone had also played in Jacky in the Girls' Kingdom a 2014 one The Currency of their Coin released in early 2018 before announce that she was ending her career while throwing a stone into the pond . ' The money has taken over everything, everywhere ! When I started in the 1980s, it was still going, there, it's unbearable... There is no longer any way to exercise. There's all the sauce around now... Good riddance! That's it, I have my retirement and enough to live without working ', confided she to the Parisian in December 2017.

Activist, but not a mother

The actress was also known for her political commitment. Candidate for municipal elections in Paris on the list Paris Ecology Solidarity Citizenship in 1995, she had been spokesperson for the anti-globalization organization Attac in 2002 and had publicly supported Jean-Luc Mélenchon during the 2012 presidential campaign.
Advocating, like her brother, a return to an ethical and ecological society, she had chosen to to live in the countryside in a small village in Poitou.
Engaged in the public sphere, authentic in public, Anemone was not very comfortable in private life. Mother of two children, Jacob born in 1979, and Lily, in 1983, the actress did not have the maternal fiber. ' The first happened like this. Afterwards, everyone fell on me to find him a father, so I felt guilty, I aimed for a guy who had about the profile. So I had to make a second one, with a heavy heart. But I've regretted having kids all my life.' confided Anemone to Gala in 2014 with always the same sincerity . Before adding: ' I must say that I still spent my life laughing 'Bonjour Anémone, not always comfortable, but terribly honest, sincere and endearing.