'And there I see a naked guy': Christophe Willem surprised in his room, a hilarious misadventure (and 'a trauma')

Exit the somewhat soft turtle, Christophe Willem has indeed reached the status of star of French song, and his fans give him back. As proof, this anecdote as wacky as it is hilarious on which he returns in an interview. A naked man entered his room.

"Et là je vois un mec à poil" : Christophe Willem surpris dans sa chambre, une mésaventure hilarante (et "un trauma")

Revealed to the public in the New star in 2006, Christophe Willem has since his debut led a brilliant career punctuated with success. His title Double I goes platinum and sells more than 300,000 copies. Then it's his second album Caffeine , which sold over 250,000 copies worldwide, reaching number one on the charts. 5 albums later, the singer, who has a string of hits, prestigious collaborations and tours, is gradually breaking away from his 'turtle' nickname to put on his pop star costume. Having become one of the most popular French singers, Christophe Willem unleashed passions and built up an impressive community of fans, some sometimes going beyond the limits!

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Christophe Willem, this VERY daring surprise reserved for him by a fan

In an interview given to Feminine and spotted by Public, the interpreter of Jacques said shared a hilarious memory. When asked the craziest thing that happened to him during his career, the singer returned to a surprising anecdote. ' It was on my very first tour. I arrive in my hotel room, so after a concert date I arrive shattered and the first thing I want to do is take a shower. I open the door of my room, I turn on the light and there I see a naked guy, with a rose in his mouth and actually on my bed. Ultra-embarrassed, I said to him: 'But sir but it's not going at all, what are you doing in my room' “, he remembers. We have the idea that the gentleman in question probably wanted to have some sex with his idol…

The exhibitionist keyer would then have replied: ' No, but really it makes me super happy to see you, can we talk?' . Christophe Willem, embarrassed, then asked him to get dressed while he tapped with his elbow on the door which communicated with the neighboring room where his assistant was installed. ' I typed like a phew for her to arrive. Finally she arrived and the gentleman got dressed and left (…) Since that day I never take the room that is in my name when I am on tour because I still had the little trauma of having seen the other who was naked on my bed in fact “, he concludes.

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A sixth album that returns to success

Last September, Christophe Willem returned with Panorama , a much more intimate album in which the singer confides in his failures, his ghosts, his personal and professional experiences . ' It is by accepting one's vulnerability that one feels solid. In fact, me, I built a shell as my career progressed. And then there was the urge to blow her up a bit and address the ghosts of the past, like the stigma I felt, school bullying and the way I was always singled out. “, commented the artist in an interview with France Info.

This sixth studio album, which opens with the title PS: I love you , written and composed by Slimane, has already ranked 6th in sales in France and second in sales in Belgium from the first week. The singer will begin a major tour in 2023.

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