And if you had the same pans as Eva Longoria

She is an actress, activist and now a designer of kitchen utensils. Tuesday, October 4, 2022, the American Eva Longoria presented her range of pans and other objects for cooking.

  What if you had the same pans as'Eva Longoria

' Let's cook, eat, laugh! '( 'Let's cook, let's eat, let's laugh !' ) It is with this slogan that Eva Longoria presented her new creation on Instagram: I marked it Risa Cookware . This is a line of kitchen utensils design and non-toxic . After making his fans wait for several weeks on social networks with mysterious posts, the announcement was made on October 4, 2022.

But the most famous of the Desperate Housewives is not at first sight on the gastronomy side. In 2011, she also had published his cookbook , Eva's Kitchen: Cooking with Love for Family and Friends. In the same joyful spirit, the actress wanted to create a line of products in order to find herself, 'to be together in the kitchen, with the people we love '.

Premium utensils

By naming his mark Laughter , 'to laugh' in Spanish, Eva Longoria wanted to highlight the joy of living and good times spent in the kitchen . This is also shown in the official promotional video published on Youtube (see below). For her utensils, Eva Longoria offers products with non-stick and non-toxic features . The coating is ceramic and the composition of the objects is safe. In one of the presentation videos, she claims to have used the pans for months and is obviously very satisfied with them, 'the multi-usage casserole is fucked, I have never experienced anything like this .'

The cookware is available in blue (the star's favorite colour), natural ivory and cool grey. The handles of lids are ergonomic , they are only attached to one side of the lid. The pans themselves are also equipped with two handles which can be used to place the lid . And that's not all ! The selection of products also contains potholders, dish racks, splash guards.

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These high-end products are sold  125 dollars (about 128.48 euros) the saucepan and from $19 (about 19.50 euros) the accessories. Available on the brand's website for pre-order from the beginning of October, the utensils are currently only available in the United States. From November 1, the range will also be on sale on Amazon .